‘Conversation and Clothing’ for Courtyard Mall today


‘Conversation and Clothing’ with Sonia Noel started a year ago in Guyana, before moving on to Brooklyn NY, Boston, and Texas, in the United States.
Later Noel launched the theme in Queens, NY; Atlanta, Georgia; and Mississippi. The Southern hospitality welcomed the design concept with great enthusiasm.
“I knew the ladies in my hometown would enjoy wearing this Sonia Noel Exclusive line because of how they reacted to the ones I wore from her collection,” Hilda Bournes related.
However, this year it started in the US then continued in Guyana. Last weekend, Makin’ Style Boutique at the Courtyard Mall was the venue for motivational conversations and exclusive clothing with great discounts. A wide cross-section of women from various nationalities and backgrounds visited. A few men also attended and contributed great content to the conversation. Throughout the series, the atmosphere was trusting and comfortable enough that people opened up and felt safe to have frank conversations with people they were meeting for the first time.
In some cases, people got emotional and cried because they heard or said something that hit home. It is taken for granted sometimes not knowing how much people are hurting.
“I love my career as a designer, but using the platform of fashion to inspire lives is very meaningful. When I make a difference in the life of someone else, it also energises my own life and will to do even more,” the Guyanese fashion icon explained. The next ‘Conversation and Clothing’ will be held today at the Courtyard Mall, Robb Street, Georgetown? and the public can experience clothing not only to hide their nakedness or beautify the exterior, but to enhance the inner you. You can also enjoy a glass of 6 degree North Merlot, compliments of banks DIH. Admission to the event is absolutely free.