Satiricus was still smiling after looking at the Tridents vs Patriots game. He still hadn’t gotten used to seeing Gayle on a team other than the Tallawahs, but this was Franchise cricket, he’d reminded himself. Before the game he’d known his Warriors were practically a shoo in to get into the playoffs, but that “practically” grated on his nerves. Now that the Tridents had been dented beyond recognition, his heroes were on their way to go all the way!! “Hey! That was some shellacking that kid Evans unleashed on the Tridents, wasn’t it?” said Satiricus with the broadest grin this side of the Joker, as he started on his beer at the Back Street Bar. “I couldn’t believe anybody could leave Gayle in awe at big hitting!” exclaimed Hari, clinking his beer bottle to his friends’. “Me glad abee Warriah get in de playaff,” said Bungi, who wasn’t smiling. “But ayuh na talk ‘bout de bigges’ play in de game!” “What’s that?” asked Satiricus and Hari simultaneously. “Da nasty trick Pollard plan pan da bai Evans,” complained Bungi. “Da a wan dutty, dutty t’ing ‘e do! Dem shoulda punish am.” “But Polly didn’t break any rules,” said Satiricus. “How could they punish him?” “Well if dem na gat wan rule fuh dat low class behavyah”, protested Bungi. “Den dem shouilda pass waan now!!” “Bungi has a point, you know Sato,” said Hari. “That last ball wasn’t in the spirit of cricket.” “Spirit?! Spirit?!” exclaimed Bungi in exasperation. “De man foot half-way down de pitch and den ‘e bowl de ball wide! Da na “spirit”, da a jumbie!!” “OK” conceded Satiricus. “Maybe Polly wasn’t being sportsmanlike. But what can we do?”“Well fram now aan, wheneva he show up fuh play,” proposed Bungi. “All abee in de Caribbean shou’d boo ‘e tail!” “Let’s drink to that!” said Hari.