Tuesday is D-Day for several teams as they face the exit


– Guinness Cage /Three Peat Promotions Indoor Championship

Organisers of the inaugural Guinness Cage Indoor Championships continue to recognize the support of devoted fans, who have been turning out in numbers to witness the exciting matches.
The championships, which will conclude on September 16, commenced with thirty-two of the best teams vying for prize money in excess of $800,000 along with a special prize of a gold chain for the Most Valuable Player (MVP) compliments of YK Investments & Pawn Shop.
Two days of competition have produced some surprising performances, with the notable ones coming from MBK All Stars and Ol Skool Ballers, the two teams responsible for the exodus of established teams Sophia and Broad Street respectively.
Also highlighting the two days of competition was the elimination of national Guinness champions Dave & Celena All Stars, giving weight to the serious preparations of perceived underdog teams.
To add legitimacy to the competition, Guyana’s most successful futsal team, Sparta Boss, which had for that quite a few years reigned over the format, no longer drives fear into opponents, but rather seems to be the one intimidated by the sight of rivals, a conclusion drawn by their recent wretched performances.
A team that has split with fans over terms of allegiance, mainly due to their undisputed dominance over a prolonged period, still managed to remain the crowd puller among all the teams, and their presence could determine a tournament’s success.
As the saying goes, ‘success breathes enemies’, and this tested and proven idiom still holds true in relation to Sparta Boss.
However, some of the other teams, such as Albouystown ‘A’, Back Circle, Future Stars and West Front Road, ‘Gold is Money,’ are all getting to the point where they are now rivaling Sparta Boss as garnering plenty support from the communities they originate from which certainly makes the setting an electrifying scene.
The futsal style format has become the most thrilling aspect of local football. It is responsible for the attendance of large audiences and the introduction of the Cage format that provides virtual non-stop action while being extremely testing on the fitness of players, it is being embraced by the loyal fans.
The business end is approaching, and as the young exciting teams continue to show no fear for the established teams, the possibility of a not-so-fancy team creating a major upset is very real.
Already we’ve noticed a few pre-tournament favourites under pressure to advance to the quarter-finals, and it will be interesting to see how they perform with two rounds of the Group Stage still to be played.
It might take a massive outpouring of residents from the respective communities to add critical support to increase the chances of their teams making it to the latter stages.
Should the fans from the respective communities grace the arena with their presence, odds of a fascinating battle for the prize-paying positions are even more compelling.
Tuesday’s round of matches should exceed the fireworks witnessed in the preceding two nights of action.