Jimmy James no longer willing to serve in capacity as an LJP representative

Dear Editor,
The Liberty and Justice Party (LJP) hereby wishes to clear the misunderstandings surrounding the RDC of Region Eight and the difficulties surrounding the same process.
In September of 2020, the Guyana Elections Commission requested the LJP to “resubmit” its candidates for Region 8 to sit on the RDC. Contained on that list were Mr Jimmy James as primary, and Ms Claris Francisco as alternate, both LJP candidates on the Regional List of Candidates, District 8. Shortly thereafter, Paramakatoi was hit by the coronavirus, which took the life of one of our loyal and ardent supporters and infected a large mass of the population, including our primary candidate, Mr Jimmy James.
It was communicated to the LJP that the RDC would be convening and our candidate needed to be ready, at which point Mr James was indisposed, as he was still stricken by COVID-19. Against this backdrop, and cognisant of the effects of the disease on the healthiest of individuals, the LJP submitted a change of candidate request to GECOM, replacing Mr James with Ms Francisco. Several attempts were made to rectify the issue by way of telephone calls, emails and standard mail with Ms Myers in the absence of the CEO, through October, November, December and now January. All attempts of the LJP to address this issue were rebutted by the DCEO, clearly demonstrating that the dark forces at GECOM’s Secretariat are still grappling with the exposure of attempted rigging and are now squarely focused on dismantling the democracy fighters in the LJP.
It is clear that the destruction of the LJP and all other parties that stood in the way of the rigging machine will now be the new focus of the vengeance of the rigging machine, inclusive of the remnants that still reside at the GECOM Secretariat.
Mr James, who has the respect of the LJP’s executive, no longer enjoys the confidence of the LJP, and, by his own admission, is not aligned to the LJP, is no longer willing to serve in the capacity as an LJP representative, and is aligned to the PNC.
Further to the above, this demonstrates that a purge and overhaul of the politically aligned GECOM Secretariat is much needed, and we call on Madam Chair and the Commission to swiftly execute said purge, and press for the much-needed electoral reform as recommended by the various rulings through the elections’ fiasco.

Liberty and Justice Party