Does the M&CC no longer have social responsibilities?


Dear Editor,
In the chaos and venality at City Hall, there was one beacon of light there, and that was the provision of daycare services by the Council that benefited hundreds if not thousands of toddlers and children of persons, including single parents, poor mothers and fathers who cannot afford private daycare facilities but who have to go to work, etc.
But alas! The provision of the one worthwhile service to the citizens of Georgetown, is apparently being withdrawn by this hopeless City Council. One must ask why? Is this service not catered for by the property rates residents have to pay?
I would like to demand on behalf of the residents of Charlestown, to which this daycare centre is located, and also on behalf of all the other residents of Georgetown who benefit from the daycare services, the clinics and the maternal and child welfare services that are provided by and at the public health facilities located in the various wards of the city, that these services be immediately restored and maintained.
The closure of these centres will only spell more financial hardship, more inconvenience and more stress for the citizens of Georgetown. Is this a new trend of Council divesting itself of meaningful services but for which no one gets a kickback, whilst it continues to employ more and more staff members to loiter around all day?
Does the Council no longer have social responsibilities, a moral compass and a concern for the youth of Georgetown? Or is everything at the Council dollar driven and no sense. Will they continue to expend hundreds of millions of dollars each month on foreign travel, on building presidential parks, on contractors who never have to bid for contracts and on having their seniors enjoy a luxurious lifestyle while closing the few worthwhile services it provides?

Debra Gibson