About Us

Guyana Times Inc

First published on June 6, 2008, the Guyana Times journeyed where no other Guyanese daily had gone before, with full colour, broadsheet style and a developmental perspective on news. With the widest possible reach throughout the country and vast news coverage, ranging from politics, crime and development to sport and entertainment, Guyana Times is ideally positioned.

In addition to local distribution, the reach of Guyana Times extends to the fast growing Guyanese diaspora, with weekly publications in New York and Toronto.

Online Access:

Visit www.guyanatimesgy.com for full access to news and information and, especially, the Guyana Times e-paper, which is uploaded daily.

Sunday Times Magazine

The Sunday Times Magazine, which is a 24-page full colour supplement established within the Sunday Times, is the marquee publication. The Sunday Times Magazine has been one of the most informative guides to what is happening in the world of health and science, politics, business, society and entertainment. Every week, thousands rely on the Sunday Times Magazine for major features on life in Guyana.

Television Guyana Inc Channel 28

Television Guyana Inc Channel 28 currently operates the most modern, full service, video production and broadcasting facility in Guyana. Transmission stretches from Essequibo Coast to Corentyne, Berbice. TVG Channel 28 has areas of coverage in the interior, where the signal is received via satellite. For live or recorded studio productions, TVG Channel 28 has an in-house studio with modern equipment to deliver superior productions.

The Evening News is aired at 19:00h (19:30h on Saturdays) on TVG Channel 28 and produces balanced, accurate and reliable news, ranging from politics, crime and development to sport and entertainment.

TVG Channel 28 enriches Guyanese lives with programmes and services that inform, educate and entertain.

Radio Guyana Inc

Radio Guyana Inc is a station catering to the family audience. RGI transmits on 89.5FM in Georgetown and its environs, 89.3FM on Essequibo Coast, and 89.7FM in Berbice. The station is heard in Bartica, Nickerie in Suriname, and parts of Linden. RGI can be heard online at rgi89fm.com

RGI began testing operations in November 2012 and started broadcasting in December 2012.

The music genres include, but are not limited to, Bollywood Filmi music from Oldies to Contemporary, Pop & Dance, Country, Soft Rock, Jazz, R&B, and Reggae. RGI also observes all religious and national holidays with music and special programmes.

RGI empowers listeners by offering self-help and motivational tips, and keeps listeners updated with local, regional and international news, while offering entertainment along the way.


Additional Services: Graphics Design

Guyana Times employs a full-time graphics design team, which not only works on the daily newspaper, but also the Sunday Magazine, and has produced numerous supplements and magazines. The graphics team comes from diverse creative backgrounds to deliver professional quality advertisements for the newspaper and its overseas editions: the Caribbean Times International in Toronto and Guyana Times International in New York.