1 dead, 3 injured after pick-up slams into guests at wedding house

…as driver allegedly fires gunshots, speeds away
…“my son one eye come out and all he teeth them bruck up” – mother

A Berbice, Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne) man is now dead and three others are injured after a pick-up truck slammed into a group of persons outside a wedding house in Canefield, East Canje, in the wee hours of Sunday.
The driver of the motor pick-up fled the scene but several hours later turned himself in to Police custody accompanied by a lawyer.
This was confirmed by Regional Commander Shivpersaud Bacchus.
Reports are the incident occurred sometime around 00:55h at Workshop Street, Canefield, Berbice, Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne).
Dead is 51-year-old Somdatt Indal called “Fats” of Lot 1178 East Canefield Settlement, Berbice.

11-year-old Dion Kistnen nursing injuries to both of his feet

Injured are Daniel Sackichand, 21, of Adelphi village; Dion Kistnen, 11, a student of Canje Secondary School and of Lot 23 Good Banana Land along with Leon Revon, 34, of Lot 1143 East Canefield – all of East Canje.
Sackichand and Revon were treated at the New Amsterdam Hospital and subsequently discharged while Kistnen had to undergo emergency surgery for injuries to both legs. His condition is listed as stable.
Police said that the pick-up was stationary facing east on Workshop Street when the driver suddenly drove off at a fast rate of speed during which he slammed into several persons standing on the northern side of the street.
Eyewitnesses said that Indal died before being removed from the scene.
According to Police, he was taken to New Amsterdam Public Hospital, where he was pronounced dead on arrival.
Indal’s body is at Ramoo’s Funeral Home awaiting a post-mortem examination.

Shots fired
Meanwhile, Kistnen’s uncle, Alex Reis, said he was taking his nephew home when he was hit. According to Reis, the vehicle which collided with the group was just a few feet away from him.
“There was a white vehicle and the driver and some guys had an issue and the white vehicle drove away and there was a big pick-up, it just made one sudden pull out and into the crowd and he hit four persons.”
Reis said following the impact, the vehicle drove a short distance away and then stopped.
“Then he fired two shots and then just drive away. I had to pick my nephew up and run with him home to get a vehicle to take him to the hospital,” Reis said.
On the other hand, Revon told this publication that he was present at the wedding reception, but was outside on the street. He said the pick-up truck left the location and returned, shortly after the driver got into an argument with one of his cousins.
He said he moved closer to the scene to see what was happening.
“In the black jeep it was three of four of them and they drive and hit a big man – that is the man that he hit and kill; I went at the back of the man – not too far – that is how I get knock,” Revon said, adding that he could not remember what happened after being hit.
Meanwhile, the now dead man is said to be well-known in the community. According to his mother, Damyanpie Ramnath, her son was dressed in clothing he was wearing for the first time.
“The tags all hanging on,” and he say ‘bye’ but me nah answer he when he say bye. Me continue to water the plants,” the 74-year-old woman explained.
The grieving mother said hours later, several persons came calling at her home but she did not answer since she thought the persons were calling to get in contact with her son, whom she knew was not at home.
However, she said that someone called her phone and then she was told that her son was involved in an accident.
“They tell me that the speed that he go with, my son pitch in the air and come down; my son one eye come out and all he teeth bruck up and he foot fold up…” the grieving mother said as she called for justice.
“My son ain’t deserve that kinda death,” the woman said as she broke down in tears.
Police have since said that the suspect is a 47-year-old businessman of Glasgow Housing Scheme, East, Bank Berbice. (G4)