1 homeless after fire destroys Linden home

A Wismar Housing Scheme resident was rendered homeless after his house went up in flames on Thursday evening.
The fire, according to reports, might have started by an unattended flambeau that ignited. The Fire Service stated that the incident occurred at around 21:00h and completely destroyed the building owned by Shawn Stewart.
Fire officials stated that after learning of the fire, firefighters with Water Tenders #12 and 15 from the Linden Fire Station rushed to the scene. Upon arrival, it was observed the one-flat wooden building was already engulfed in flames. The fire was extinguished and investigations are ongoing.
Preliminary reports indicate that the purported cause of the fire is naked flames from a lit flambeau that was left unattended and came into contact with nearby combustible materials, sparking an ignition. Investigations are still ongoing.
Just recently, a power surge in First Alley Wismar, Linden, led to a fire that has left several homeless.

The fire that occurred at Wismar Housing Scheme, Linden

It was reported that the one-floor wooden and concrete house, which was completely destroyed, was owned by 99-year-old Marverine Drewley and occupied by 66-year-old Joel Drewley.
According to the Fire Service, the purported cause of the fire was an electrical power surge, which caused substandard electrical wiring to overheat.
Also affected by the blaze was a two-storey wooden and concrete house owned by an 87-year-old man and his family of nine.
The Guyana Fire Service has reminded citizens to be cautious and to follow safety measures to prevent the occurrence of a fire.