14-year-old dies allegedly after receiving 2nd dose Pfizer vaccine

A few days shy of his 14th birthday, Joshua Henry of Santa Rosa in Region One died moments after taking his second shot of the Pfizer vaccine on Monday. The lad, who took the vaccine at a health centre in the area, afterwards reportedly went home and collapsed. He was rushed to the Kamwatta District Hospital, where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

Dead: Joshua Henry

His aunt Telisha Peters, when contacted, explained that her nephew was at his uncle’s residence when the news was announced that the second dose of the vaccine was available. When her nephew was administered the first dose about one month ago, he was accompanied by his father. This time, she noted, her brother had gone to work and was not aware that his son was going to receive the second dose of the vaccine.
The tearful woman told Guyana Times that after taking the vaccine, her nephew returned home and sat in a chair. Soon after, he started to feel some discomfort, and fainted.
Upon checking, his lips started to get black as well as the arm on which he had taken the vaccine; and finally, his entire body became black.
The tearful woman declared that, from all indication, the teenager died at home, but was pronounced dead at the hospital.
The devasting woman explained that the teen’s parents are too distraught to talk, and they are still in a state of shock. The aunt, however, told this publication that when the children took their vaccines, they were not placed under the 15-minute observation period.
She also contended that the person who administered the vaccine was only recently trained, and, as such, she is adamant that there should have been a senior health personnel present at the time the vaccines are administered.
The aunt is also holding out that the vaccines should not have been administered to children without the presence of a parent.
She noted that she received a telephone call from Vice President Bharrat Jagdeo, who expressed his sympathy to the family and offered whatever assistance is needed. She also related that the Vice President suggested that a post mortem has to be done to determine the cause of death – a procedure the family was initially against.
Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health in a subsequent release said it is saddened by his death of the teenager and expresses its deepest condolences to his parents, his family and the community of Kamwatta.
“The child received his second dose of Pfizer vaccine at 2.00 pm today. He had received the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine three weeks ago without any adverse effect. After receiving his second dose of the Pfizer vaccine today, he was observed for an uneventful twenty minutes and showed no reaction to the vaccine. He was then allowed to proceed home. Two hours after returning home, he felt faint and was taken to the Kumaka Hospital, where he was pronounced dead upon arrival,” the release added.
However, the ministry stated that the cause of death is unknown at this time but a team from the Ministry of Health, including pathologist, Dr Nehaul Singh is scheduled to travel to Moruca today to conduct a post mortem.
“We urge citizens not to indulge in speculation and await the results of the post mortem and other-related investigations,” the ministry added.