15th MACORP Invitational golf tourney: Yunes cops MACORP Golf Championship

…Mangal, Roy and Sabi Dhori medal as well

Story and photos by Timothy Jaikarran

The 15th MACORP Invitational golf tournament teed off at the Lusignan Golf Club from 12:00 hrs on Saturday, and some of the nation’s best golfers took to the course.
Competition was keen, and every participant was seemingly determined to emerge overall winner. However, the tournament ended with Miguel Yunes as overall winner, while Mike Mangal, Roy and Sabi Dhori all won their respective categories.
The results for the day were as follows:

Winner of the 10-18 flight and overall winner, Miguel Yunes

Overall Score 0-36
1. Miguel Yunes HC 18, Gross 84, Net 66 – Net
2. Avinash Persaud Gross 75

Men’s 0-9 Flight
1. Mike Mangal HC 8, Gross 77, Net 79
2. Richard Haniff HC 9, Gross 80, Net 71
3. Rackesh Harry HC 15, Gross 88, Net 73

Avinash Persaud won best gross

Men’s 10-18
1. Miguel Yunes HC 18, Gross 84, Net 66
2. Lakermam Ramsundar HC 14, Gross 85, Net 72
3. Videsh Persaud HC 15, Gross 88, Net 73

Winner of the Men’s 0-9 flight, Mike Mangal

Men’s 19-28
1. Roy Dhori HC 20, Gross 88, Net 66
2. Miguel Oviedo HC 21, Gross 92, Net 71
3. Chet Bowling HC 28, Gross 99, Net 71

Winner of the 19-28 flight, Roy Dhori

Ladies’ 0-36
1. Sabi Dhori HC 35, Gross 105, Net 70
2. Eureka Giddings HC 24, Gross 104, Net 77
3. Shanella London HC 8, Gross 89, Net 81

Winner of the ladies 0-36 flight

1. Longest Drive: Max Persaud
2. Nearest to Pin: Brian Hackett
In a statement, club Secretary Chet Bowling said, “Working with an organization like MACORP, an organization that recognizes (its) corporate social responsibility and executes it with excellence, the condition of this ground is a big part to MACORP, donating time and machinery. So, MACORP, continue what you are doing, and today your efforts have borne fruit. So, definitely, we see the results of your effort.”

The winners row

Also sharing his bit was MACORP Service and Technology Manager Oswin Lynch, who noted that MACORP is grateful to all the participants, as a great number of players turned out despite the adverse weather. He also congratulated the LGC for hosting a successful day’s event.
Fifteen years ago, MACORP began its collaboration with the Lusignan Golf Club, and has since continuously supported the club. MACORP is known for its support of community service projects and sports in Guyana. MACORP is the only authorised dealer of Caterpillar products in Guyana.

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