1,600 Hackney, Friendship residents to soon benefit from potable water

A total of 1,600 persons living in Hackney and Friendship in Region Two will soon have a continuous supply of potable water, as two new wells are being drilled in the communities.
These wells will benefit 1,400 residents in Hackney and 200 residents in Friendship.
According to a DPI report, overall, the two wells will service over 475 households within the Moruca/Providence Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC) under which the two communities fall.
Hackney’s well which is being drilled at a depth of 288 feet along with the distribution network is slated to be completed by March month-end.
The well in Friendship is being drilled at a depth of 300 feet and its distribution network is anticipated to be completed within four weeks.

Minister within the Housing and Water Ministry, Susan Rodrigues, inspecting ongoing work at the Hackney well

Meanwhile, Minister within the Housing and Water Ministry, Susan Rodrigues explained that the Guyana Water Incorporated’s (GWI) PAT Rig 421 being utilised to drill the wells is being carried out by the water company’s in-house team.
While inspecting the ongoing works at the wells on Wednesday, Minister Rodrigues disclosed that pipes will also be installed along the waterfront at Hackney to provide purified water to passersby.
“Additionally, over 40 households in the immediate vicinity will receive connections to their own homes. We will also have standpipes in different areas. The schools [Hackney Nursery and Primary] will benefit from direct connections to the well. We are very pleased with the progress we have here,” she is quoted as saying in the DPI report.
The communities’ village councils will work along with the GWI’s team to install the distribution networks.
The community of Marlborough is also slated for a new well.
Budget 2024 also caters for the drilling of new wells and installation of water supply systems within the communities of Mashabo, St Denny’s/ Tapakuma, St Monica, Dredge Creek, Baracaro, Bethany, and Wakapao.
“We have big plans for this region which we have started already…All of this will be completed before 2025,” the minister assured.
Minister Rodrigues also distributed sporting gear to Hackney and Friendship.
She was accompanied by GWI’s Hinterland Services Director, Jailall Ramchand; Prime Minister’s Representative of Region Two, Arnold Adams; Overseer of the Moruca/Providence NDC, Althia Giles, other engineers and officials.