1st time mother delivers baby in taxi in front of GPHC

…doctors rush to her aid

By Amar Persaud

A 21-year-old woman this morning delivered her first child in the backseat of a car at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) after she was rejected by a private medical facility.

First-time mom Kherysha Pompey and her baby girl resting well at GPHC

Kherysha Pompey, a single mother who hails from Craig Street, Campbellville, Georgetown, was seeking admission at the private institution on Thursday but was told that she was not ready to deliver. The woman was reportedly told that she was not ready for delivery, according to GPHC’s Public Relations Officer (PRO) Jai Lall. As such, the woman went to the GPHC, and upon arrival in the taxi, she had already started to give birth to her baby girl
One of the hospital’s newest attendants, who had only been on the job for some five months, immediately rushed to the young mother’s assistance until doctors arrived.

Two of the medical staff at GPHC who assisted the first-time mom in her delivery

“Upon hearing the plea for help, [the attendant] sprang into action, opened the car door and saw the baby’s head protruding out of the mother. She was able to grab the head of the baby to assist the mother,” Lall explained.
A team of five doctors, who arrived shortly after, were able to successfully deliver the baby in the backseat of the car.
The mother and child are currently admitted at the GPHC Maternity Ward.
The hospital’s PRO explained that the young mother was a bit frazzled over the circumstances, but she is recovering.
“This is her first child, and she was very traumatised and was scared. However, she expressed her gratitude and thanks to our team of doctors and the attendant who managed to save the life of her baby,” Lall noted.
“And she was kind of shocked, because of when she went there (the private institution), for an institution to refuse her…even refusing to admit her for further examination and things like that,” the PRO added.
He further commended the quick response and good work of the GPHC team.
“In the Emergency Department, something is always happening, but in this case, it was something completely different, and we were lucky that our team of doctors responded. Our team of doctors was very efficient, and the attendants, they performed their duty and they were able to save the life of the child,” he expressed.