24 Training Officers graduate from “Train-the-Trainers” programme

Twenty-four Training Officers of the Guyana Police Force on Wednesday completed the ‘Train-the-Trainers’ programme at the Officers’ Training Centre at Camp and Younge Streets, Eve Leary, Georgetown.

The Training Officers, trainers and other officials after the programme

The Train-the-Trainers course was facilitated through the historic multi-year Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) signed between the Guyana Police Force and the University of Guyana (UoG), through its Centre of Excellence for Teaching and Learning (CoETal).

The second batch of the ‘Train-the-Trainers’
The course commenced on Tuesday, April 19, 2022 and went on for a four-week period. The course aimed to increase the teaching repertoire and build the teaching capacity of the GPF trainers, providing them with strategies, concepts, knowledge and skills that they can implement in the classroom.
The ranks received training in Lesson Plan, Learning Theories, Bloom’s Taxonomy, Adult Learner, Instructional Strategies, Student Engagement, Reflexive Praxis, Preparing to Teach Online; Policing in a Culturally Diverse Background in the Guyanese Society; Summative, Formative and Authentic Assessments; Constructing Test Items, and Giving Feedback.
The lecturer sessions were done by UG’s Director of CoETal, Dr Charmaine Bissessar, and other University of Guyana experts – Dr Tamashwar Budhoo, Mrs Bonita Hunter, Dr Troy Brown, Ms Claudette Phoenix, and Professor Stafford Griffith.
Force Training Officer Superintendent Keithon King, in his address, said: “Training is paramount. I was once a training instructor, now I am the Force Training Officer, and so I want to encourage all the ranks to see the training environment as an important area, and not a pitfall. Moreso, training will help you, the members of the Force, when you depart the organization, to have life skills and knowledge that can be used beyond the Guyana Police Force; so you can be productive citizens to build our country.”
Also speaking at the closing ceremony was the Director of CoETal, Dr Charmaine Bissessar, who applauded the Police ranks for taking the time and making the effort to complete the first level of the Train-the-Trainers course.
“Congratulations to all of you…and I would like to thank the GPF for its confidence in the University of Guyana and CoETal in allowing us to impart our knowledge, expertise, and skills. I would also like to thank you, the participants, for (your) commitment to this initiative. We, the experts, have witnessed the resilience, hunger, passion, and creativity within you, the officers, for learning, and we hope that we leave you with a fire or thirst in your belly for learning. We are deeply grateful for this opportunity, which has motivated and energised us.
“Hats off to all of you Officers,” she said, while thanking the experts from UG for planning and designing the course.
Meanwhile, Assistant Superintendent Nedd thanked the experts for sharing their knowledge and ideas with the ranks of the Guyana Police Force.
“Thank you for clearing up all our concepts and misconceptions, and enhancing our understanding as it relates to training. You, the lecturers, have put forward your best effort to make this training a success, and we thank you for that,” Nedd said.