$25,000 COVID-19 cash grant helped my family

Dear Editor,
As a citizen, I am indeed satisfied that the Government has seen it fit to continue assisting families and communities that are in desperate need as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and the now recovering economic situation, where jobs are concerned.
This $25,000 relief could not come at a better time for my family – when the holidays are done and there is not a penny left, because of how things have been since March 2020. This relief has helped me to start back my year. It has helped me to pay two bills, so I can live throughout this month.
I am grateful to the team that dealt with me professionally. It didn’t matter that I am not from their party or of similar ethnic persuasion. There was a sense of urgency and delight to hand over the cash. This is a good initiative that is helping those in need.
I could only imagine what this grant means to the people who are jobless and poor. The grant must be replicated from some other source, to aid the household with the essentials that it needs looking after. Maybe the Government can make it $50,000 from the oil money or some other source, the next time.

Yours respectfully,
Attiya Baksh