$2B hospital for Region 1 next year – Ali

…says Govt will invest in level 3 healthcare in every region

President Dr Irfaan Ali has revealed that among his administration’s ambitious plans for healthcare in Guyana, is the impending construction of an over $2 Billion hospital in Region One (Barima/Waini).
In an impassioned speech to residents in Moruca, Region One, the President spoke of his government’s investment in healthcare. Only recently, over $40 Million was invested in a new surgical theatre at the Kumaka District Hospital.
“Right here in our healthcare system, last week, for the first time, we were able to do a surgery right here in Moruca with our new surgical wing in our hospital. Our focus is to ensure we can give your children the best possible… healthcare,” the President said.
“In our country today, we are building four level five hospitals, that is the highest level. The highest international standard. But whilst we’re doing that, we’re investing in level three services in every single region of our country,” he added.
Additionally, the Mabaruma Hospital was recently upgraded into a SMART Facility… just one of five hospitals that were upgraded through the Smart Health Care Facilities in the Caribbean Project, a joint collaboration between the Government of Guyana and the United Kingdom (UK). The President assured that more investments into health facilities in Region One are to come, including a brand-new hospital.
“Not only are we building the hospital in Mabaruma and improving the service in Port Kaituma and Matthews Ridge. I want to tell you today that our plan in the coming year is to commence work to give you a brand-new hospital here, an investment of more than $2 Billion, we will make in a new hospital here in Moruca,” President Ali said.
The Head of State meanwhile also announced that all Region One residents who have the entry requirements to become healthcare workers will be granted the opportunity to train and study through the Government.
Last year, the sod was turned for a new $2 Billion multi-specialty hospital, to be constructed in Suddie on the Essequibo Coast. Government is presently building several state-of-the-art health facilities across Guyana. There has even been talk of a stem cell facility.
More than $1.5 Billion was invested in Budget 2022 to upgrade health posts and health centers countrywide. And in July of this year, the Government partnered with New York-based Mount Sinai Health System and Hess Corporation to transform Guyana’s healthcare into a world class service that will not only ensure accessibility and affordability for Guyanese citizens but also the Caribbean region.
To this end, an agreement between the three parties was signed at State House, where President Ali launched the National Health Care Initiative – a three component plan that focuses on enhancing the country’s primary healthcare services, improving patient care and management at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) and developing specialised services in cardiology and oncology with the private sector.
To take the National Health Care Initiative forward, a Coordinating Steering Committee will be established with President Ali, Executive Vice President and Chief Clinical Officer of Mount Sinai, Dr Jeremy Boal; and Mount Sinai Board Member John Hess.
Additionally, a National Steering Committee, comprising of the private sector and Government officials will also be set up to look into Guyana’s “skills divestment”, that is, to determine the local skillset and ascertain the deficit and skill filling.