3 arrested during Police raids

Three persons were taken into custody on Saturday after the Police in Region 4A (Georgetown to Agricola) conducted several cordon and search exercises throughout the division.
Police said the exercises were conducted on several mechanic shops, suspected drug houses and homes. Motorists and pedestrians were also searched during the exercises.

The narcotics that were found during the search

A total of eight motorcycles inclusive of XR, Trip, Honjue among others were seized. Ninety-two grams of cannabis were also found abandoned under Stabroek Market, all of which were lodged.
Those persons who were arrested were a 28-year-old construction worker of Guyhoc Park, who was arrested for being in possession of 105 grams of cannabis at Plum Park Sophia.
A 40-year-old broker of A Field Sophia was also taken into custody for possession of 5 grams of cannabis, a 28-year-old mechanic of Tucville was arrested for unlawful possession of motorcycles, and a 24-year-old unemployed male of C Field Sophia Squatting Area, who has pending charges for a robbery under arms matter, was also arrested.
Several other detainees were profiled and sent away. Investigations are ongoing.
Only two days ago two men who were implicated in several armed robberies were among five persons arrested during cordon and search operations in several areas in Georgetown.
During the operations, several drug blocks, houses, motor vehicles and persons were searched.

The motorcycles that were seized

As a result, a 44-year-old clothes vendor of Kitty was arrested with 63 grams of cannabis. He is expected to be charged for trafficking narcotics.
In addition, a 20-year-old vendor of Rasville was also nabbed with 11.9 grams of ganja in his possession while a 40-year-old businessman of Charlestown was also arrested for narcotics possession.
Police have also arrested a 21-year-old and a 24-year-old of Sophia, Greater Georgetown, for armed robbery.
In addition, three motorcycles (CB1, Honda Wave and a 150 Suzuki), one pedal cycle and a quantity of tobacco leaves (flonto) were also seized during the operations.