3 houses destroyed, 3 damaged, 1 vehicle burnt, 24 homeless in Berbice fires

Fires in both East and West Berbice have resulted in five buildings being damaged, including two that were completely destroyed. Additionally, a car was also destroyed in one of the fires.
Divisional Fire Officer Clive McDonald said that ten persons are now homeless as a result of those fires.
One of the fires, he said, started from a car and then spread to the house at Number 50 Village, Corentyne, Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne), on Monday morning.
That fire damaged two buildings.
At about 10:30h on Monday, a Toyota Carina, which was parked under a building, burst into flames. It is still not clear what caused that fire. Nevertheless, the fire spread to the building which was owned by a US citizen and occupied by the owner of the car, Enque Hintzen and two others.

Boodnarine Dhanraj and his family

The fire quickly spread to a second building. However, the quick reaction by residents resulted in them being able to curtail the fire.
The Corriverton Fire Service responded quickly and was able to put out the blaze.

Stove burst into flames
Meanwhile, at about 08:00h, firefighters on the West Coast of Berbice, Region Five (Mahaica-Berbice), responded to a call of a fire at Number 8 Village.
Marcel Bobb, who lived there with three other family members, reported that his gas stove burst into flames.
According to McDonald, forensic fire investigators revealed that the hose to the gas stove was leaking as a result of a rupture. He said the naked flames from the stove ignited the gas and caused the inferno.
Personnel from Onverwagt Fire Station responded but by the time they arrived on the scene the fire was already extinguished by occupants of the building and residence.

McDonald praised the community effort which he referred to as being swift and prompt.

Child was playing with lighter
Meanwhile, on Saturday, seven persons were left homeless when a fire at Corriverton, Region Six spread to two additional buildings at Goor Persaud Avenue.
Reports are that the fire started at the house owned by 23-year-old Stacy Johnson, a Government part-time employee attached to Number 76 Health Centre.
Johnson and six other family members occupied the building.
Reports are that at about 13:00h a child was playing with a lighter and paper, and the fire caught other combustible material.
The fire quickly spread to the next building which was occupied by Beharazade Amin and two other family members.
Both buildings were completely destroyed.
When the Fire Service arrived on the scene, one of the buildings was ready gutted and another fully engulfed in flames.
With no water source available, the firefighters were forced to shuttle water in their supply tank which has a capacity of 400 gallons.
Additionally, the fire spread to a third building which is occupied by a couple. However, firefighters were able to prevent extensive damage to that building.
Reports are that after the fire was initially seen in the first building, residents did not know what number to call to get a quick response from the Fire Department.
In the wake of this, McDonald said citizens can call the Fire Department on the following emergency numbers: New Amsterdam, 333-2261 and 333-2262; Rose Hall Town, 322-5707 and 322-5708; Corriverton, 339-2021; Onverwagt, 328-2657 and 328-2658.
On Monday evening, a fire of unknown origin gutted a house at Lot 77 Palmyra Village, owed by a 52-year-old security guard.
Reports are that the fire started at about 08:30 pm.
Speaking with Guyana Times, the owner of the home, Boodnarine Dhanraj, said that the family had just finished praying and lit their diyas. He said he was in the hammock at the bottom of the house and his grandchildren were playing in the yard.
According to Dhanraj, he heard someone shout “fire” and he saw the upper flat of the house engulfed in flames.
Dhanraj said that there were no diyas lit in the upper flat of the house. He said that he lived in the house with his wife, six children; two sons-in-law and four grandchildren. The man related that he built the home three years ago.
Persons who may want to help the family rebuild can contact them on telephone numbers (592) 673-3440 or (592) 633-8185. (G4)