3-year-old drowns in Pegasus Hotel pool

A three-year-old girl lost her life on Sunday while swimming in the Pegasus Hotel pool, Kingston, Georgetown. She was later identified as Anastacia Joseph of Prashad Nagar, Georgetown.
An eyewitness, Errol Lam, recalled what transpired on the fateful day. According to him, he was out getting some coffee at the Pegasus Hotel when the child’s body was found floating in the pool.
“At about 3:30 yesterday afternoon, I normally go to Pegasus to have coffee or dinner or lunch… I went there to have my coffee, they said the front is closed you have to go down at the back…whilst waiting for my coffee, I saw a pandemonium. Somebody said look, a child floating in the water. Now, you have three or four little children in the water with no lifeguard, no floats for the children,” he added.
He further stated that the child drifted out in the deep, encountered difficulties and went underwater.
The child was pulled out of the water and persons attempted to resuscitate her.
“I am a trained Medic so I said the ambulance, then I said no taxi, then I said CPR instantly, but I erred in a sense that I didn’t have access to the child. If I had access…when they offered CPR the child was breathing and the child puke… but what should have been done immediately was to tap on the child’s heart, that would have resuscitated the heartbeat,” he explained.
However, according to the child’s mother, she had left to go to the washroom and when she returned the child was under the water.
She was eventually rushed to the St Joseph Mercy Hospital where she was pronounced dead.