3-year-old killed in Berbice accident

A three-year-old is now dead after he was hit by a speeding car at Islington, Greater New Amsterdam, Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne).

Dead: Dominic Tyler Sulker

Dead is Dominic Tyler Sulker of Lot 49 Stanleytown, New Amsterdam, Berbice. Reports are the incident occurred at approximately 13:00h on Friday on the section of the road which was recently resurfaced. Sulker was at the time at his grandfather’s business place at Islington when he reportedly ran out on to the public road where he was struck.

The car which hit the child

Reports are that the three-year-old had just returned home from school and got out of the car with his grandmother and went into the shop, but moments later an uncle saw him on the road and dashed out to get him. His efforts proved futile since he was hit by the speeding car before his uncle got to him.
Eyewitnesses said that the car hit the Savannah Park Nursery School student and the impact sent him flying through the air for several meters before he landed. This newspaper was told that the child landed 105 feet from where he was hit. The car subsequently crash landed in a nearby trench. Following the incident, the three-year-old was picked up and taken to the New Amsterdam Hospital.
Speaking with Guyana Times, the child’s mother, Cynthia McKenzie Sulker, said that she when she rushed to her son’s aid, she attempted to resuscitate him by soaking his head with some water. She related that at the hospital, doctors pumped oxygen into his lungs and managed to resuscitate him. The grieving mother of two explained that her son was taken to the x-ray department and lost consciousness on two occasions and had to be resuscitated again. She added that because of the extent of his injuries the hospital staff attempted to rush him to the Georgetown Public Hospital, but he died on his way to the city.
The car driver was able to get a heavy-duty machine to pull the vehicle bearing registration plate number HC 9655 out of the trench. Police subsequently arrived at the scene and the driver was taken into custody. Four passengers were in the car but did not sustain any major injuries.
Meanwhile, in a separate incident, a minibus passenger was pinned to his seat after a car and a minibus collided in East Canje Berbice also on Friday. The incident occurred at about 09:30h in front of the Rose Hall Estate Primary School. The injured man was identified only as Narine. He is in a stable condition at the New Amsterdam Hospital.