32nd PPP Congress will see the youth taking charge of its future

Dear Editor,
Today and this weekend, all eyes will be on the People’s Progressive Party as it opens its 32nd Congress at Liliendaal, Georgetown, under the theme “Strengthen the Party, Defend Guyana, Unite Our People for Progress and Prosperity”.
As discussions commence on the theme of strengthening and unifying the party, it is hoped that young adults and young people have their say, adding their voices to make the PPP more inclusive, diverse and futuristic. After all, the PPP is the ONLY diverse and multi-ethnic political body in the country.
I do not doubt that these young people will play a pivotal role in steering the discussions down the right path, as PPP has proven over the years to be a safe place, where freedom of expression is respected. They must get involved and take centre stage in the discussions about party politics and party philosophy.
In other words, youths should be in each of the seven workshops of the party, and in all discussions. Also, they must be prepared to say what more the party can do for young people to have access to more opportunities and jobs in traditional and non-traditional sectors in Guyana.
Finally, youths and young PPP professionals must discuss the changing media landscape in Guyana and its impact on the PPP, how people and their youth population view the PPP Government, as well as what this means for the 2025 elections. I urge the youths to seize this opportunity and directly state how they see the PPP faring in the next elections.
At this point, I urge young people to take a stance on the APNU+AFC racism campaign, divisiveness, and crass opposition politics. Young people will have the opportunity to state their position on the opposition’s call for Guyanese living abroad to boycott African-Guyanese businesses that support or were seen with the President in Brooklyn, New York.
The youth population must boldly state their pleasure that the PPP has already accomplished so much of what was promised in its 2020 manifesto. They must look at all the recommendations and changes made in the party pragmatically and practically from the previous Congress to the present day. This is serious business, and the PPP youths will have to state how the Government should defend itself against the Venezuelan claim to our Essequibo.
After all, these young people form a sizeable portion of the delegate population, and deserve their place at the discussion table. Young people in the PPP will use the 32nd Congress to take charge of the party itself, Guyana and its future.

Yours truly,
Michael Younge