39 persons from 13 countries now Guyanese citizens

– received naturalisation, registration certificates

A new Guyanese citizen smiles as he collects his certificate from Permanent Secretary Andre Ally

Some 39 individuals from 13 countries recently received their registration and naturalisation certificates denoting their Guyanese citizenship from the Home Affairs Ministry’s Immigration Support Services.

Home Affairs Minister Robeson Benn addressing the new Guyanese citizens

During the ceremonies on Tuesday and Wednesday, subject Minister Robeson Benn emphasised Guyana’s rich multicultural identity, underscoring the importance of embracing diversity and leveraging each other’s strengths for national prosperity.
Further, he stressed unity and collaboration as being essential to building a better Guyana for all while urging the new citizens to take advantage of all the opportunities available in Guyana.

Head of Immigration Support Services, Michelle Davis during the ceremony

Permanent Secretary Andre Ally, during his brief remarks, echoed the sentiments of Minister Benn, emphasising the crucial role of unity and cooperation in forging a prosperous future for all to enjoy.
The Permanent Secretary also reminded the new citizens of their responsibility to uphold the nation’s laws in all their endeavours, emphasising the importance of integration and adherence to the country’s laws.
The new citizens were presented with their certificates and adorned with the Guyana flag, symbolising their integration into the diverse culture of Guyanese society, after the ceremony.

A new Guyanese citizen smiles as he collects his certificate from Permanent Secretary Andre Ally

The Government, while extending warmest congratulations to the new citizens, reaffirmed its commitment to fostering an inclusive and vibrant nation. The ceremonies were also attended by Head of Immigration Support Services, Michelle Davis and Deputy Chief Immigration Officer, Stephen Telford.
Back in February, Ally reported that 300 Certificates of Citizenship had been issued for 2023. In the case of marriage, the process of becoming a citizen takes two years after all the relevant documents are submitted.
In September 2023, a total of 42 persons from 10 countries had received their Guyanese citizenship following the Home Affairs Ministry’s naturalisation and registration ceremony.
The Ministry’s website states that a person is eligible to apply for citizenship by naturalisation once that person shows they are ordinarily resident in Guyana and have been so resident throughout seven years immediately preceding the application, that they are of good character, and that they intend to reside in Guyana.

Deputy Chief Immigration Officer Stephen Telford hands over a certificate

On approval, the website said, the person would be granted a Certificate of Naturalisation and would have to take the Oath of Allegiance to Guyana. Included in a list of requirements published on the Ministry’s website is that the “applicant must advertise in the newspaper for two consecutive days that he or she is applying to the Ministry of Home Affairs for Naturalisation as a citizen of Guyana.”
Meanwhile, the Head of Immigration Support Services back in February had announced that 10,155 Guyanese visas have been issued for 2023. Of the more than 10,000 visas issued, she explained, 4978 were for employment, 66 were for business, 64 were to facilitate students studying, 1764 were for visitors, and 3283 were landing permits.
Further, she said, these visas were issued under various categories, including extension of stay.