4 babies born at NA Hospital on New Year’s Day

Four babies entered the world on New Year’s Day at the New Amsterdam Hospital, five fewer than the nine delivered in 2017. In 2016, there was one birth and in 2015, five babies were delivered on New Year’s Day.

Janice Daniels and her baby at the New Amsterdam Hospital

This year, a 21-year-old mother was the first to give birth to a bouncing baby boy. Janice Daniels, of Lot 1 Number Two Village, Berbice, gave birth to a 2.7 kilogram boy about 00:03h. The baby was delivered by Midwife Travis Jonas, who also did two other deliveries.
This is the second child for Daniels. The young mother was high in praise for the nurses at the maternity unit. Her due date was set for January 18, but she was admitted one day before delivery.

Sabita Singh and her daughter

“My first delivery was easier than this one. Then I had nurses to rub my back when it was hurting, but now the nurses were all busy with other mothers, so they couldn’t spend so much time with me,” she added.
Sabita Singh gave birth to the second New Year’s baby: a 3.3kg girl, her third child. Singh, of Block 9 Bath Settlement, said she was advised by the maternity unit at the Fort Wellington Hospital to have her delivery done at the New Amsterdam Hospital.
The 36-year-old mother said this was because of the number of years which had passed since her second child. She noted that it came as a surprise when she went into labour since her due was January 13.

Malinie Neville with her first child at the New Amsterdam Hospital

However, she is happy to have delivered a baby on New Year’s Day. Finally, 21-year-old Malinie Neville delivered her first child at 00:40h.
Neville, of Number 73 Village, Corentyne, went to the Skeldon Hospital on December 23, after a premature rupture of membranes (PROM) which is typically referred to as the water bag bursting. She was then referred to the New Amsterdam Hospital.
Meanwhile, Roxanne Marry, 19, of Rose Hall Town, gave birth via caesarean. Her 3kg girl was born at 08:28h.
“Anybody will be glad to give birth on the first day of the year,” she said.