4 homeless after fire guts 2 houses in NA; arson suspected

Four persons became homeless in the wee hours of Friday, after a fire devastated two houses and damaged a third in New Amsterdam, Berbice.
Investigators are treating the case as an act of arson.
The fire was first spotted by Mariam France at an abandoned building in St John Street, New Amsterdam at about 2:15h. The phlebotomist told investigators that she was awakened by crashing sounds, and when she went to enquire, she saw the abandoned building next door on fire. As such, she immediately exited her home, taking her two children with her.

The aftermath of the NA fire

According to the 29-year-old France, she contacted the Guyana Fire Service (GFS), and while waiting for them to arrive, the fire started to spread to the building she occupied.
Divisional Fire Officer Cortland Harry, who was on scene, later told the media that three fire tenders had been put into operation. He confirmed that the GFS had received reports of the fire at about 02:37h, and he said they had rushed to the scene, and firefighters had worked to bring the blaze under control.
“When we arrived there, one building was fully engulfed; and within seconds, that (building was) demolished,” he said.
One firefighter has been injured during the operation.
Harry said that officer has suffered a fractured leg after being hit by a part of the hose.
“One of the branches got away and hit him on his foot, so he sustained a fractured leg,” Harry detailed.
Meanwhile, France was not able to save any of her belongings or those of her children.
Residents in the area related that firefighters took some time to arrive on scene. However, in response, Harry reiterated that the unit did not take a long time to reach the scene after they received the report.
“We can’t run away from the facts. People will say all sorts of things, but we arrived there within 3–4 minutes,” he iterated.
He has said that, from investigations, this fire was purposely set. The unoccupied building where the fire originated had been frequented by vagrants.
Police have since made checks for CCTV cameras in the area. (G4)