660 acres of land being developed for Enmore/Foulis Industrial, Commercial Zone

– 60% of project already completed

Infrastructural works at the Enmore/Foulis Industrial and Commercial Zone on the East Coast of Demerara are progressing.
Housing and Water Minister Collin Croal, accompanied by technical staff from the Central Housing and Planning Authority’s Projects Department and Surveys Unit, inspected the development last week.
Minister Croal outlined the zoning plan for the area, specifying sections dedicated to heavy industrial, light industrial, and commercial activities. The anticipated economic activities will generate thousands of employment opportunities, benefiting not only Enmore/Foulis but other communities along the East Coast of Demerara.
The development of the area aligns with President Dr Irfaan Ali’s previous commitment during his visit to Enmore last year.

Housing and Water Minister Collin Croal and officials from the Central Housing and Planning Authority mapping out the area

“In the first phase, we are currently developing over 660 acres of land on this site now and we’re spending about over $4.58 billion in the first-phase infrastructure,” Croal stated.
The ongoing infrastructural works are divided into six lots and involve land clearing, the construction of approximately 18.91 kilometres of first-phase access roads, and reinforced concrete composite bridges.

Land being developed for Enmore/Foulis Industrial and Commercial Zone

The industrial and commercial hub is set to feature three main access roads to accommodate large trucks. Of the six lots, the Minister said that two lots were over 90 per cent completed, while the overall project was about 60 per cent complete.
Croal stated that the works have significantly transformed the area, which was once dominated by sugar cane.
Meanwhile, in the Enmore residential housing scheme, located north of the commercial area, the Minister stated that several allottees have gained access to their land for home construction, paralleling the progress of infrastructural works.
Before visiting Enmore/Foulis, Minister Croal also briefly inspected the Nonpareil Housing Development.
Looking ahead to the 2024 housing programme, Croal expects contracts to be awarded soon, ushering in the development of numerous housing schemes.