$680M in ganja destroyed at Ebini

Some 600lbs of processed cannabis along with 10,000 ganja plants, worth $680M, were on Wednesday destroyed by police officers, a statement from the Police Force said.

The marijuana plants were found at Ebini, Upper Berbice River by ranks who were conducting an eradication exercise.

There were 10,000 plants ranging from three inches to five feet in height.

Police said at the first farm visited, ranks came under fire. There, a search was conducted and a single-barrel shotgun was found. Further searches were conducted and four bulky black plastic bags with a quantity of processed cannabis and kitchen utensils were found on a makeshift camp.

At the second farm, a quantity of processed cannabis and kitchen utensils were found, along with a makeshift camp. The third and fourth farms consisted of two makeshift camps and cannabis plants under cultivation. There were six motorcycles and a wooden boat that was left abandoned was later claimed by the Toshao of Sand Hills.

Acting on information received, a search was conducted on the home of a cattle rancher and an unlicensed 12-gauge shotgun with 92 16-gauge cartridges and 15 12-gauge cartridges were found. He was arrested and escorted to Central Police Station, New Amsterdam and the firearm and cartridges were lodged.

The camps, cannabis and farms were destroyed by fire.