7 days’ mandatory quarantine for persons travelling to Suriname

The Surinamese Government has revised their COVID-19 protocols for arriving passengers, and the new requirement mandates quarantining for seven days after entering the country.
Guyana’s Public Works Ministry advised of the changes on Saturday, noting that everyone entering the country, either air or by vessel, must possess a negative PCR test. These measures take effect immediately.
Potential travellers were advised that a curfew was instituted from April 10 to April 11 from 18:00h to 5:00h; April 12 to April 16 from 20:00h to 05:00h; April 16 to April 19 from 20:00h (full lockdown) to 05:00h; and April 19 to April 23 from 20:00h to 05:00h.

Passengers entering the MV Canawaima

The Suriname Tourism and Hospitality Association has outlined 55 suites and hotels which are open for quarantining, all of which are listed on the Ministry’s Facebook page.
Public Works Minister, Juan Edghill has said this decision was taken by the Dutch-speaking country after assessing the current COVID-19 situation there. As it changes, Guyanese will be informed accordingly.
“The Government of Suriname have instituted new measures because of what is happening in Suriname as it relates to COVID-19…As soon as we could have any changes or any adjustments, we will keep you informed but this was a decision that was made by the Government of Suriname and we have just received notice of that,” the Minister informed.
Suriname has implemented a “full lockdown mode” on weekends and as such, the vessel will not operate next Sunday as was previously scheduled. Instead, it will be facilitated on Monday.
The Public Works Minister asserted that in due time, the Health Ministry will advise authorities on what protocols should be adopted in Guyana to heighten safety during travel.
In February, the Guyana-Suriname ferry service recommenced operations for residents of the two neighbouring countries following months of closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Edghill reiterated that any international agency or diplomatic official would require special clearance through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.
Guyanese can receive PCR tests at all approved medical institutions conducting PCR testing in Guyana while Guyanese in Suriname can conduct their testing at Suriname’s Public Hospital and MeDiLab in Paramaribo. Passengers are also asked to have all their travel documents required to travel to Suriname prior to COVID-19.
The Guyana-Suriname ferry service was closed since March 14, 2020 – days after the first COVID-19 case was recorded in Guyana, prompting the shutdown of all ports of entry. (G12)