$70M worth of ganja unearthed at Victoria

A team of officers from the Customs Anti-Narcotics Unit (CANU), acting on intelligence received, conducted a narcotics-eradication operation at Victoria Village Backdam, East Coast Demerara on Tuesday, and unearthed some 500kgs of marijuana.
Reports are that the CANU officers discovered on a one-acre plot of land a camp that had a total of 5000 cannabis plants ranging in height from three feet to five feet, along with fifteen 100lb salt bags containing processed cannabis equivalent to 500kgs. A quantity of male and female clothing was also found at the camp. However, no one was arrested during the operation.

The ganja that was found by CANU officers

“The said cannabis plants along with the said salt bags of cannabis were eradicated. The street value of the above mentioned 500kg is seventy million dollars,” CANU said in a statement released to the media.
Investigations are ongoing.
Only a week ago, Police conducted a drug eradication exercise in which they discovered and destroyed more than $2 billion worth of cannabis sativa at Maria Henrietta village in the Berbice River. More than 500,000 cannabis plants ranging in height from one foot to 8 feet; 2000 pounds of dried cannabis, 100 pounds of cannabis seeds, and four nurseries were destroyed in that exercise.
It was reported that the operation was conducted by ranks of Regional Division 10 on 40 acres of land at the said location.
Upon arrival of the Police at the location, two males were seen attending the plants, but as they spotted the Police, they ran into the thick vegetation, where they subsequently boarded an engine boat and made good their escape.
Further checks conducted in the area led to the discovery of six camps suspected to be living quarters. Empty 12-gauge shotgun cartridges were found in one of the camps.
The cannabis plants and camps were set on fire. The estimated street value of that cannabis find is over $2 billion. (G9)