81% of August COVID-19 deaths were unvaccinated

…so were all 36 last week

Statistics have shown that 81 per cent of the COVID-19 deaths for the month of August were unvaccinated, ratifying warnings from health officials that unimmunised persons are at serious risk.
Records showed that 76 persons died in August. Of the 76, 62 persons who were unvaccinated succumbed to the virus.
The data showed that 16 per cent of deaths (12) received partial vaccination or one dose, while three per cent (2) were fully-vaccinated. A breakdown of Intensive Care Unit (ICU) admissions for the month were 81 per cent unvaccinated persons, 14 per cent partially vaccinated and five per cent fully vaccinated.
Previously in July, 94 per cent or 61 persons who were not vaccinated succumbed to the virus while three per cent (2) received one dose of a COVID vaccine while another three per cent (2) were unvaccinated. 65 people were victims of COVID-19 in July.
The ICU admissions for the same month was 95 per cent unvaccinated, two per cent partially vaccinated and three per cent vaccinated.
However, Health Minister, Dr Frank Anthony announced on Monday that the 36 persons who succumbed from the virus last week were all unvaccinated as well, raising the burning question as to why people haven’t taken their jab.
“What is important to note is that in the last week, the 36 deaths that we have had, all of them were unvaccinated. It begs the question of why is it that people are not getting vaccinated because we know that if you’re vaccinated, then you wouldn’t be getting the severe form of the disease and coming into the hospital,” he said.
To date, there have been 687 reported deaths between when the pandemic first started in March 2020 to present. A breakdown showed that 55 per cent or 384 persons were male and 303 were females.
A few weeks ago, the Minister had warned that unvaccinated persons are at very high risk of getting infected and hospitalised. This variant, which was first detected in India, is said to be the most contagious yet as authorities continue to track the spread which it has caused. In fact, the transmissibility is said to be twice higher than the UK’s Alpha variant.
“This one is very severe and what they have noted is that people who are unvaccinated would be the persons who would be getting infected with this variant more often. So, unvaccinated persons are going to be at higher risk of getting infected with this particular variant. There is also that possibility that even if you had an infection before, that you can get reinfected,” he was quoted as saying.
Since the virus was first detected in the Wuhan province of China, there have been several mutations. From the first-discovered Alpha strain in the United Kingdom last year, authorities have moved to trace the Beta and Gamma variants. However, the Delta variant has been dominant in many countries, including the US and UK. It has caused a resurgence of infections in Portugal and current spikes in Russia.