A blatant attempt to incite chaos and confusion

Dear Editor,
In my last letter, I pointed out the true intentions of the APNU+AFC Coalition in relation to constitutional reform. I explained why the comments from Mr. David Granger and many other senior leaders of the Coalition, including the People’s National Congress Reform Executive Basil Williams, concerning the removal of the No-Confidence Motion provisions from the Constitution amount to the Executive removing a significant check-and-balance in a parliamentary oversight system.
It would lend to dictatorial rule once again in Guyana if the Coalition is successful in achieving this goal. It is important that I remind that Britain inserted this mechanism in our Independence Constitution as it did in the Independence Constitutions of all its former colonies. In the creation of an omnipotent Executive, Forbes Burnham removed it from the 1980 Constitution. It is the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) that put it back in 2001.
Equally worrying and of great concern in the short term is the message of “gather in front of polling stations” after polls close on elections day, being preached to Coalition supporters by their senior leaders.
At a community meeting in South Georgetown, Winston Jordan stated, “…and when you done vote…you make certain that at six o’ clock you hanging around, you hanging around…if you move is trouble. Comrades, we got to keep we eye, we got to mobilise, as soon as we done vote…keep our eyes on this thing, because we cannot afford for stuffing boxes, especially in certain areas…”
At another meeting in South Georgetown, Basil Williams stated, “Unless you go out in a determined manner…take care of our elections…protect your vote…be vigilant…protect your vote…stand up outside the ballot station…follow them…especially after the polls close.”
Editor, this is a blatant attempt to incite chaos and confusion, which can easily result in public disorder and violence on the 2nd March 2020. This type of clarion call will certainly put APNU+AFC supporters in collision with the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) officials and the security officials, who have the responsibility of removing the ballot boxes from the polling stations to safety.
There has been much talk of observer missions that will be in Guyana prior to the elections. The Carter Center, which a few days ago announced the launch of their observer mission, in a statement, informed: “The mission will observe and examine key aspects of the electoral process, including the pre-electoral environment, status of the Guyana Elections Commission’s preparations for elections, and campaigning.”
Further, The Carter Center stated, “Throughout election season, The Carter Center will issue periodic statements on key findings.”
It is my sincere hope that The Carter Center pays keen attention to the campaign messages at these community meetings. Guyana needs free and fair elections. We need elections without any violence on elections day and post elections day.
I would also like to encourage the international community to pay keen attention to these senior leaders of the APNU+AFC Government and their attempt at inciting violence on elections day.
What is extremely clear is that the Coalition has a dismal track record of performance in Government, and as a result has nothing to rely on during the campaign season in terms of development and progress of the country over the past 5 years. Therefore, the Coalition has resorted to what it knows best, that is: spreading racism and hate, and trying to incite disorder and confusion, which can easily degenerate into violence.
Guyana can no longer tolerate such political leaders. Guyanese have a chance now to see the true nature of the Coalition. On the 2nd March 2020, I trust my people will make the right choice and reject the APNU+AFC Coalition. Reject the message of lawlessness, racism and hate.

Yours sincerely,
Roodi Balgobin, MBA