A breath of fresh air in Parliament

Dear Editor,
It was a breath of fresh air to listen to LJP leader Lenox Shuman’s presentation in his budget address to Parliament this past week.
Mr Shuman exhibited a class act at a time when that hallowed hall – the most revered institution in the land – became a forum dedicated to slander, slur and slam as if it were a vulgar circus venue.
Shuman eloquently used his allotted time to express his views on the budget, and referred to the political and social situations in the country without dumbing down or resorting to dirt and doom, which is becoming increasingly common from both sides of the house. My only disappointment with Mr Shuman was that he felt he needed to conform to tradition regarding dressing in a tie and suit (in this hot country!) His light Indigenous wear, which he previously donned, would have made his message even weightier.
I feel the LJP has a significant role to play in the future of this country with Mr Shuman’s magnificent leadership and example.

Yours truly,
Dr Devanand