A dust-up …in National Assembly

Well, the National Assembly will be in session today and your Eyewitness wonders what’ll be in store for us. He’s got his popcorn out to see the action in that arena. And yes…while he likes to keep up with matters political, he’s more interested in the new pugilistic element introduced by the PNC/APNU/AFC (hereafter the “PNC”) Opposition to the verbal jousts that’s the usual fare in that “hallowed” hall!!
Remember when the PPP- tabled National Resource Fund (NRF) was on the order paper earlier this year? The PNC showed up, behaved real ghetto to literally “bruk up the place”!! One grabbed the Mace of parliamentary power and ran outside with it with a Parliamentary staff in hot pursuit!! Catching up with the miscreant female PNC MP, he attempted to wrest it away from her – but was thrown to the floor and straddled menacingly as the MP screamed “house slave”!! The PNC – as usual – clearly saw the parliamentary goings-on as a “race thing”!!
Inside the Chamber some PNC MPs were blowing whistles – yeah whistles! – into the ears of the PPP Finance Minister who doggedly tried to explain their rationale for the Bill. PPP MPs rushed to defend him and your Eyewitness was hopeful a fistfight was in the offing! It was later revealed that one PNC MP had strategically stormed the Communications Centre and ripped out the equipment!! This, of course, was unlike what’d happened when the PNC was illegally in office (as pronounced by the CCJ after they refused to accept the No-Confidence Motion) and in protest, the PPP merely stayed away.
So, what will it be?? Fireworks again, or back to the Marquis of Queensbury Rules?? The Order Paper informs there’re gonna be three subjects debated: the ground rules for Constitutional Change (CC); Suicide Prevention and criminal justice reforms. Now you’d think that CC would be the biggie, wouldn’t you? But in Guyana, this topic’s become a joke: the PNC talks the talk about it, but refuse to walk the walk. Like politicians the world over, it’s all about seeking changes to ensure they get power!1
The PNC had made CC the Centrepoint of their 2015 manifesto. But ensconced in office, went through an elaborate charade with a committee taking submissions and such like – only to have everything disappear in the maws of their parliamentary machinery!! Your Eyewitness thought they would’ve taken the opportunity to introduce the “power sharing” they’d been talking about for years. But having tasted power perished THAT thought!! Now they’re out of power and seeing the PPP waltzing into their “own” constituencies doling out “encouragement” for votes, you can bet your bottom dollar they’ll be insisting on changes to introduce power sharing!!
Maybe some desk thumping??

…in New York??
And in the meantime, over in Region 11, NYC, things are heating up for AG Leticia James and the Democrats in their mid-term elections. It’s turned from a shoo-in to a shoo-out!! And James must be rueing the day she decided to identify with (“brother from a different mother”!) and support an extremist Guyanese grifter to cuss out the Guyanese Government!! She’d spent most of her term disagreeing that cashless bail must be eliminated to decrease crime rates in the state.
But her democratic NYC Mayor had charged that the “insane broken system of bail laws” puts criminals back on the street who then tend to get back to committing crimes. He pointed to statistics that show double-digit jumps in recidivism in most crimes. Now Trump has just denounced her explicitly, “You have a corrupt, racist, weak-on-crime Attorney General Letitia “Peekaboo” James!!
The Democrats might just lose the Governorship and their majority in the House. Let’s see who’ll threaten sovereign nations next!!

…in Egypt
Reps from two hundred countries have shown up in Egypt for COP 27. For the first time, they have compensation for poor countries that have suffered from the polluting profligacies of the rich countries, on the agenda.
Don’t hold your breath!!