A face to ‘ace’ the PNC race

Dear Editor,
One may conclude that Austin Powers is a parody of James Bond. The term “Good” in Good Friday may seem paradoxical, given the sombre events it perpetuates. Similarly so is the “good life”, as accentuated from “the small man will be the real man,” all idioms paraphrased in promoting propaganda, which is a permanent and pertinent prerequisite in order to portray a particular PNC personality in their quest for victory in any election.
All eyes are more affixed on the upcoming PNC’s “Hunt for Green August,” at their 22nd Biennial Delegates Congress, rather than the PPP/C’s “Hunt for Red May,” perhaps a foregone conclusion at their expected 32nd Delegates Congress. Qualified contestants will be vying to form the New Central Committee, more so for the post of Leader and candidacy for the 2025 Presidency. With General Elections due next year, there is no uncertainty in the PPP/C camp. On the contrary, the PNC are acutely ailing, as they are damagingly divided, with disconcerting dissonance.
The PNC’s incumbent leader, Mr. Aubrey Norton, once found it laughable and mischievous that his ambitious challenger had insinuated in 2021 that he (Norton) wants to turn the PNC Party into a Black Party. In 2024, he deems himself as being “the best qualified”, while another party stalwart depicts him as being “not fit to be a leader.”
Roysdale Forde, a declared challenger, believes he has the support and experience to lead. Ganesh Mahipal, a potential contender, may run, if nominated. Norton, in a dismissive mood, insinuated his association with “baggage carriers,” those choosing ambition over party interest, and lacking institutional knowledge.
The PNC party was crafted by a dictator, who angrily shouted, “It’s Leader or nothing”, and was guided by his sinister motto, “The personal ends of power justify any means used to achieve them.” With his clever wit and charm, the selfish boaster “manipulated people like puppets on a chain.” Jessie Burnham once alerted Guyana about the envious and jealous founder of the Party: “Beware my brother Forbes.”
The PNC Party was once described in 2018 as a party that “became a prisoner of the old order, constrained by the institutions and political culture of that order.” A functional member further advised that “the PNC is not a tribe”, and as such warned that members must refrain from using the word “grassroots.” But a leopard never changes its spots.
The PNC has perpetually demonstrated that the party is cloned into an icon moulded in distrust, enveloped in immorality, and engineered by corruption. Founded from the seed of animosity, it has borne fruition to the inseparable peas in a pod, racism and violence. Submerged in the ocean of deceitfulness, its leader can only salvage his or her ascension if consumed in the propagation of unrighteousness, because a tiger can’t change its stripes.
Given the party’s proven track record for disrepute and blemished DNA, a face to ace the PNC’s race will feature the following unfavourable characteristics:
1. Must be an avid enabler to efficiently execute the cruel dictates of devious advocacy.
2. Must be the task bearer to uphold the Party’s noxious agenda.
3. Must be a spoiled street fighter to play dirty.
4. Must be diplomatic by refusing to shake hands.
5. Must be an emulator, “I could say what I want to say and however I want to say it, I have always been like that…The last magistrate who (told me what to do) was later found d…..d.”
6. Must be an imitator, “The Chief Justice gave an interpretation based on her perception of the law, and I will continue to act in accordance with my perception of the Constitution;”
7. Must strive for the paramountcy of the party in order to fly the PNC flag once again over the Court of Appeal building.
8. Must be desirous of abolishing foreign observers at elections, and exclude electoral matters from the jurisdiction of the CCJ.
9. Must abuse the privileges of the court by pursuing frivolous, vexatious and abusive litigations.
10. Must parrot, “The only friends I got is PNC, so the only people I gon give wuk to is PNC; and right now I looking for a doctor who can talk Spanish or Portuguese, and ah want one that is PNC.”
11. Must endorse the “arbitrary, vindictive, malicious and politically motivated,” art of “witch hunting.”
12. Must oppose any and all proposals litigated by the Government in Parliament.
13. Must never support any Budget.
14. Must be “unwilling to accept election losses and be intent on getting into government through the back door.”
15. Must have “an extraordinarily courageous mind to present fictitious numbers when such a sturdy paper trail exists,” during the election.
16. Must reiterate the rhetorical questions, “You have to ask yourself how did the PNC gain office in 1964? Ask yourself how did the PNC remain in office, and what did it do during that period? Ask yourself, how did the PNC regain office in 2015, and ask yourself how will the PNC retain office after 2020?”
17. Must always share the sarcastic joke of the party, “I am not aware that rigged elections were an ideal of Forbes Burnham.”
18. Must be enthusiastic in wanting to shut down the sugar industry.
19. Must be prepared to shut down all infrastructural projects.
20. Must have a crave to incriminate and lock up from “Hari Rang to Harriet Right.”
Like Bob Marley sang, “Who the cap fit, let them wear it!”

Yours respectfully,
Jai Lall