A flawed decision by the Appeal Court of Guyana

Dear Editor,
With respect to the no-confidence vote, the Appeal Court of Guyana has ruled in favour of the APNU/AFC.
This decision seems to suggest that there is one set of rules for parliamentarians and another set of rules for the rest of Guyanese particularly with respect to GECOM whereby 5 votes are cast and 3 is a majority and the Appeal Court’s own voting with 3 votes cast where 2 is the majority.
How does the Guyana Appeal Court reconcile the differences in the approach used?
Had it ruled that 33 is the majority out of 65 votes cast, then there would not be a need to reconcile as 3 would be a majority out of 5 GECOM votes cast and 2 would be the majority out of 3 Appellate Court votes cast.

Yours Faithfully,
Sean Ori

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