A lyrical twister of truth and facts

Dear Editor,
Over the long weekend, my ears had the unfortunate experience of listening to Alliance For Change Leader Khemraj Ramjattan. You can be sure that I will never put my brain through that again.
There was no pleasure in listening to this man talk on the TV and social media.
I was confronted by his arguments that the Opposition recognises the installed or otherwise Government in Parliament, and in their actions. He then admitted that there was no real need to say that the Opposition recognises the Government as it is legitimate and exercises its authority over us explicitly or publicly.
He pointed to the Opposition having the facts to prove it won the votes at the last election and discrepancies throughout the East Coast Demerara with the ballots. He maintained his position that they were cheated out of their rightful place in Government.
According to Ramjattan, this “trash talk” about the PPP Government not being recognised is part of the PPP narrative because they really do not want to engage the Opposition. Finally, he said “they are an installed Government”.
Now, I think my reasoning skills are sharp and good. I also think that I can discern between right and wrong, facts and untruths, and outrageous positions. I also believe that I can tell if a man is crazy, going mad or mad and when he’s just repeating a baseless position.
In this case, after listening to Mr Ramjattan, I have concluded that he is somewhere between politically impotent and a lyrical twister of the truth and facts.
Mr Ramjattan, just like the Opposition, knows that PPP won the last election at every round of the counting process. I rely on the Chairman that former President David Granger picked, and the results to prove this point. I’m therefore challenging Ramjattan or the Opposition to show us their results of the process that prove their victory or hang their heads in shame if they don’t.

Todd A Morgan