A national shame

Dear Editor,
I have been a very regular visitor to your country, in excess of 30 years; and have had truly wonderful times experiencing all aspects of this land: people, flora and fauna.
But all is never perfect. On three occasions within the last 14 years, I have witnessed instances in which Policemen, representing the state, demanded bribes from registered taxi drivers, all for spurious misdemeanours.
One that really raised my ire occurred on May 8th, during a 5-minute drive before Parika Stelling. The officer (name and regulation number stated), without any densitometer or other means of verification, deemed the car in which I was a passenger as having a tinted glass that was not legally acceptable. He then instructed the driver to meet him at Lance Bar in Parika, where the issue would be resolved.
We did, in fact, wait at the stated bar, but left to return to Georgetown 25 minutes after. This officer was still on duty, proudly dressed in national wear.
This man, and others like him, are a national disgrace and should be penalised immediately. An example needs to be made of his type. Enough is enough.

Yours truly,
Concerned commuter