A pantomime show is going on within PNC

Dear Editor,
I read with interest an article written by Vishnu Bisram about Opposition Leader Aubrey Norton. It was a detailed and well written missive, which in essence was an appraisal of the Leader of the Opposition. I found it amusing at times, at the way Bisram respectfully critiqued the guy. I would not have been so kind, but I respectfully concur with the commentator.
For a man who is educated, Norton never impressed anyone, let alone the people he claims to lead. He was and is a rabble-rouser, upon whom the Opposition can rely to find a story – getting it wrong, of course – in PNC- style, artfully set it on fire, and fan the flames to fury! A leader such as this is bound to fail, even in the best of times. He has to come up with something better than that.
In this regard, he is fodder in the hands of a Bharrat Jagdeo, or greater still, an erudite Anil Nandlall. Simply put, Norton is a sour fool, ever to be a leader of anything!
Now, tracing his history from Hoyte, we see him being a lone ranger; nobody wanted him around them. Successive leadership in Corbin then Granger, nobody thought highly of this denizen of the PNC. He was in no man’s land; that is, up until the last party election, when only 30% of the electorate turned up to vote him in. The information provided in the preceding paragraph speaks volumes of the man, so I need not say more.
Of the group chosen as his successor, one can be immediately counted out, she having to face multiple criminal charges with the strong certainty of incarceration for her fraudulent role in the last general election. I cannot see how that party can feel safe with such an individual leading them.
So, the PNC is in a tumultuous abyss, too numerous to mention, how they can find their way out of it, no one knows. Let us keep tracking these developments.

Neil Adams