A public CoI into March 2020 General Elections needed

Dear Editor,
The Commission of Inquiry into the March 2020 Elections is in full swing and the main Opposition Coalition is in a quandary as to their next move. They are getting awfully nervous at the very thought that (a) The government is serious and will be getting the CoI moving and (b) That every hidden vice would be brought to light. So, the CoI is not just talking or an idle gaff, rather, it is a very serious business that all of us would like to be a part of.
The PNC Commissioners who are calling for an internal probe at GECOM fail to realize that they are asking for an internal investigation of what took place during the last elections, forgetting that the statements they made were public and need to be cleared up in the public domain, a private, in-camera closed-door probe is not the approach to such a serious matter.
The internal, quasi-CoI that they are advocating would not address the real issues that are confronting us. We need to get first-hand information as to what actually took place last election.
Secondly, that type of CoI means that the public is excluded from hearings and much of what would be deliberated there would be an eddying discussion of hearsay falsehoods that The PNC would like to be branded as truth. We are not interested in that nonsense we want to know, we have every right to know, so everything has to be brought into the public domain.
The PNC Thugs who are shouting that “installed government” narrative would have to rethink their approach because at the end of this CoI every hidden, ghastly and fraudulent deed would be unearthed. It means that everything that was treated as private would now have to be made public and transparent.
The nonsensical talk of why hold a CoI because it would prejudice the court matter involving the fraudulent crew who are before it does not hold much sway because they can by a court order be exempt from the proceedings. However, other officials who were involved in the electoral process can and will have to come forward to testify as to their stewardship. Those who claim to see dead persons voting will now have their day in a CoI Court. Let the CoI begin.
At the end of this CoI, using Burnham’s pet phrase, “All mouths and other oral orifices will have to be closed.

Neil Adams