A Pyrrhic victory…

…but does PNC care?
One of the leaders of a new party – an old hand from the PPP – recently commented that the PNC has emerged “victorious” from the war they launched in the wake of the Opposition-led NCM which was successfully passed on Dec 21 2018. But oh…what kind of “victory” this has been! Even though the leader attempted to be circumspect as he navigated what he thinks is a line between the PNC and PPP, he had to concede that, “A new constitutional principle has taken root in Guyana. It is called constitutional convenience, having displaced constitutional supremacy”.
In truth, he was trying to navigate a line between the rule of law – encompassed by the law above all laws, the Constitution – and the law of the jungle. And in this face-off, no one can afford to remain on the side lines, because the very existence of Guyana is at stake. Way back in ancient times there was a war between one of the Greek City-States led by their King Pyrrhus and Rome. But while Pyrrhus won the war, he lost so many troops that his city could not sustain itself. Ever since, a “Pyrrhic Victory” has signified one that inflicts such a devastating toll on the victor that it is tantamount to defeat. The Greek writer was forced to report, “If we are victorious in one more battle with the Romans, we shall be utterly ruined”. If the PNC has won the war, it will be a Pyrrhic victory for Guyana.
The new party’s leader said that the PNC’s new constitutional principle is “Where a constitutional provision is required to be implemented within a specific timeframe, such implementation will only be given effect to within the said time frame if it is convenient to do so. Guyanese and courts will rue the day that they allowed, tolerated or facilitated this travesty in Guyana. It will return to haunt us”. But in this, he is wrong…this principle is nothing new for the PNC. In fact, they’ve always operated opportunistically and cynically not only to the implementation of constitutional strictures within specific timeframes, but to the Constitution in toto.
This Eyewitness has oft reminded the nation that while the PPP was twisting itself into a pretzel during the 1960’s to have their AG Fenton Ramsahoye craft a new Constitution under which the British would grant Guyana independence, Burnham declared he didn’t care a whit about what Constitution he was given. Once he was given power, he knew what he’d do: simply give lip service to the Cconstitution and do whatever it takes to keep power.
In this iteration, the PNC will leave Guyana utterly ruined!

…for the FIU
In the latest report on the progress (or lack thereof) on the AML/CTF on whether we’ll once again return to the dreaded “Blacklist”, mention was made of the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU). This body was supposed to give “teeth” to all that legislation passed under duress. After all, you can have all the laws in the world but if you cannot enforce it, what’s the use? Look at the CCJ…our Constitution was as clear as crystal on what happens after an NCM…but without any teeth to enforce their order, the PNC’s merrily thumbing their nose at the “law”.
Back at the AML/CTF conclave, a Bank of Guyana Director reported that the FIU’s annual report – submitted months ago – detailed at least 30 cases involving “over $8billion worth of illicit money in 2018 alone!! “We’ve done a lot of work in sharing information [with] the Special Organised Crime Unit (SOCU) suspicious transactions related to tax evasion, drug trafficking, corruption in public office, suspected terrorist financing and insider trading,” the fella said.
But to what end?

…for GECOM appointment
As with all new brides, there were a lot of expectations raised when the Opposition proposed Justice (rtd) from the GECOM Chair.
But that’s been one short honeymoon, hasn’t it?