A reflection of decadence in society

Dear Editor,
The emerging phenomenon of citizens, particularly drivers, resorting to physical violence against members of the Guyana Police Force, in the execution of their duties, as being seen almost daily on social media, is indeed worrying as it is pure damn nonsense (that phrase).
The most recent display of a minibus driver getting physical with an officer, wrestling him to the ground, while onlookers call for the return of his licence, which fuelled the driver’s fisticuffs and wrong and strong attitude, must be condemned and is a reflection of the decadence in society.  Such persons are the first to call out the Police for not doing their job.  No one is above the law.
In this period of sixteen days of activism against violence, the violence being meted out to law enforcement officers must also be part of the activism and the violence must stop.

Shamshun Mohamed