A tale that can aptly be described as “fantasy”

Dear Editor,
On Sunday, I was sent a piece of propaganda that featured Captain Gerry Gouveia and clandestine flights to Trinidad with Bharrat Jagdeo! A tale that can aptly be described as “fantasy” as it is poorly conceived and premised on the ignorance of the reader, I could not work out who would be the intended audience.
Imagine my surprise to see this story posted on Joe Harmon’s Facebook page, it is one thing to see this kind of tripe as a WhatsApp message; it is quite another to see it endorsed as credible by the one-time Minister of the Presidency.
Has Joe Harmon’s fall from that high office to the secretarial position to the COVID Taskforce unhinged him mentally? Does Harmon believe Gerry Gouveia defied the airport closures and flew Bharrat Jagdeo to Trinidad? Joe Harmon is beginning to sound like Jamaica’s Aloysius, who had the amazing ability to talk to anything, including trees, cows, and cricket balls.
Given the overt displays of psychosis by Harmon and the brazen volte-face by Khemraj Ramjattan on the subject of his farewell at the Ministry of National Security, I must ask what fresh hell the Granger Administration got in store for us as they do this very public “Danse Macabre”.
Suddenly all the seemingly far-out conspiracy theories making the rounds no longer seem improbable nor incredible. Can it be true that Harmon has pushed out the PNC Chairman and is holding meetings at Congress Place and sharing out “Cabinet” positions? Is it possible that preparations are being made to swear in Granger and “sanctions be damned”? Surely, there is a modicum of sanity left in David Granger’s inner-circle; if not we can expect to hear shouts of “extreme unction!” … “Call de priest! Me need extreme unction!” as the Bush howled to Aloysius in Anthony C Winkler’s classic, The Lunatic.

Robin Singh