A traverse in travesty!

Dear Editor,
Knowing the truth will set anyone free. There comes the ultimate moment when, the guilty mind has to reconcile with the uncomfortable truth coming from the pure heart to appease the inner person so that, the body can once more relate and function as a conscientious human being, thus, freeing the true self. The Mahatma wrote, “Truth is the end, not a means to something beyond itself.” MK Gandhi and ML King Jr promoted and practiced the principle of “truth and non-violence” as a policy in life. Many in the Guyanese society are fighting, fumbling and faking the truth as they fan the wheel of fraudulence and lie to sustain self-preservation and retain leadership. Will the instigators of violence, inciters of racism, condoners of corruption, supporters of rigging, champions of tongue twisting, touters for doom and gloom, defenders of dishonesty and the naysayers to peace, progress and prosperity, step forward and begin the process of confession? A light-hearted person is certainly cheerful and happy and worries less.
Former President Granger had alerted, “We can still see how easily it is for the ranting of a few persons to rekindle racial animosity, a retrograde step which has no place in modern society.” He further cautioned, “We want to warn that such inflammatory tirades run the risk of degenerating into social instability, degenerating into the fostering of distrust, into the fomenting of disorder.” Did he have a dream that his own “kit and kin” would be embroiled in such prejudiced undertakings? The Elder fulfilled that dream when he referred to the PPP/C Party as “devils, bastards and demons!” while suggesting and subscribing to election rigging. Today, former President Granger’s favorite tune is “Sound of Silence.”
Did the so-called “Civil Societies” embraced the speaker as a bosom college and endorsed the speech as a matter of fact? The serenading silence is ludicrously loud and disturbingly not distant! The PNC and their surrogates have all stayed quiet to provide the unspoken answer, promptly and proudly delivered. Unquestionably, they leave no ambiguity in their unequivocal and deafening response!
There has been no word of objection from the GHRA, IFAAD, TIGI nor the ERC to date. Guyana can forget IDPADA-G, for obvious reason. All the other treaded pretenders of equality, justice and freedom advocate organizations have chosen not to say anything. This stillness is not surprising but expected. A solitary poor excuse was offered as an alternative explanation enveloped in a clumsy interpretation. Vice-President Dr. Bharrat Jagdeo has been condemned for his “low life” description. The entire alphabet jumped on his neck and marched straight to the court.
It was left to the advocates of democracy to fly the flag of defense, assail the attack of audacity and confront the attack of effrontery. After suspended days and nights of suspicious suspension, the placid water surface was broken, the calm of the atmosphere was ruffled, the earth tremored and aroused from the stilled darkness, a screened apology emerged from the depth of delinquent submersion! Should Guyana cheer or criticize?
What evidently prompted the shameful scribe to finally script an explanation or exclamation of travesty? Was it a “pricked conscience,” or remorse, or embarrassment, or to fool the unguarded public, or to fill a moment of complacency or to satisfy a request or demand? Was it free and voluntary or under any degree of duress? Is there a hidden contingency clause? Does the question of sincerity arise? Why the delay and now and not before?
Guyanese are fully awake and not gullible or naïve. They are guarded and do not take anything for granted. The cautious ones are no longer becoming preys to lies and deceits. Why should Guyanese accept his words and believe him? There is a track record monitored by history!

Yours respectfully,
Jai Lall