A United Guyana

Dear Editor,
Venezuelans are fleeing Venezuela like deer fleeing from a forest fire! The country is in bad shape both economically and politically. So what does the dictator, Nicolas Maduro do?
He wants to deflect his economic and political woes by annexing and invading a small, peace-loving country like Guyana.
No doubt, he has the oil and mineral resources of Guyana in mind. He is spineless since he would not dare try to pick a fight with bigger countries like Brazil or other neighbouring countries. The man is sick!
If Maduro can read, he will know that the entire world supports Guyana. His army will be crushed which will drive Venezuela into further poverty. The sad part of this scenario is to guess where Venezuelans will be escaping to: yes, you are right…Guyana!
Guyana, a land of six peoples, is united on this issue. Essequibo is and has always been an integral part of Guyana. That would not change despite the shenanigans of Maduro.
Maduro will not get a blade of grass, so as we say in Guyanese parlance, “Maduro, haal u rass”!

Dr Shiv Maharaj