Abusive relationship ends in murder

…as WBD man shoots girlfriend, kills self

A rocky relationship ended on Tuesday morning when a 24-year-old La Parfaite Harmonie, West Bank Demerara (WBD) man shot his girlfriend to her neck before shooting himself in the head.

The house on Norton Street, Georgetown where the shooting occurred on Tuesday
Dead: Daniel Hinckson
Injured: Faith Thompson

Dead is Daniel Hinckson, while his 20-year-old girlfriend Faith Thompson of Lot 39 Norton Street, Lodge, Georgetown is battling for her life at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC).
Reports are the shooting occurred at about 10:45h while the couple were locked in a bedroom in the upper flat of the two-storey, wooden house at Norton Street, Georgetown.
This publication was told that the injured woman’s uncle, Justin, with whom she resides, had just returned home and after realising that the couple were locked in the room, demanded that the door be opened but to no avail. He left the home and shortly afterwards he heard two gunshots. He related that Thompson ran out of the room and sprinted out of the house half naked and covered in blood.
The man, in a bid to help his niece, ran into the house in search of a towel to stop the bleeding when he discovered the lifeless body of Hinckson laying in the room with a pistol in his hand.
Barbara Robinson, a tenant who resides in the lower flat of the same building related that she also heard the gunshots following which she saw Thompson running out of the building.
“When she run out, she deh calling for Justin! Justin! Come carry me to the hospital, he went back up and he collect a towel for her to wrap herself in and they go to the hospital but before that I hear him calling for Faith to open the door and she was trying to make some excuse and she ain’t opening the door, so he pick up the wood and tell her that I gon’ beat y’all, all two y’all today inside of here…and then I hear the gunshot, so he like he think that the bai shoot the girl and try to escape through the back, so he ran out to the back but it’s not until he went back inside that he realise that he shoot himself in the house,” the woman recalled.
Thompson and Hinckson reportedly shared a rocky relationship and as a result, the young woman’s mother reportedly sent her to live with her uncle in a bid to escape the abusive man.
However, shortly after the move, Hinckson began visiting her at the new address. Just two weeks ago, however, the now dead man had attacked Thompson which led the young woman getting a restraining order on July 8 against him.
This publication was told by a neighbour that the now dead man had beaten Thompson some weeks ago, which led to a confrontation between him and the young woman’s father.
“They had an incident where he beat her up and he run into this passage way and she and he and she father had a lil exchange, a lil talking but recently he came and he started peeping for the girl,” the woman related.
According to the neighbour, she saw the now dead man in the walkway between her house and the house where the incident occurred on Tuesday. She said that Hinckson was cladded in a grey hoody; however, not knowing who he was at the time, the woman said that she enquired and was told that he was Thompson’s boyfriend.
Sometime after, the woman said that she heard what she thought to be squibs which were followed by screaming.
“I ran out and I saw the young lady half naked with blood on the right side of her neck and she seh that she boyfriend upstairs shot heself,” the woman explained.
When this publication arrived at the scene, a large crowd had gathered as Hinckson’s body was being removed by undertakers. Family members of the young man had also gathered in the yard and some in tears. The Police have since launched an investigation into the incident.
Only a few months ago, a 39-year-old mother of six was hacked to death by her husband during an argument at their Anna Regina, Essequibo Coast, Region Two (Pomeroon-Supenaam) home.
The woman, Farida Khayum, was reportedly stabbed several times about her body by the man who later ingested poison.
That incident came on the heels of the death of 37-year-old Zaila Sugrim, a mother of four whose body was found in a shallow grave in her husband’s West Coast Demerara (WCD) home.
The woman went missing for several days after she had left her brother’s Diamond, East Bank Demerara (EBD) home to attend her eldest child’s birthday party at her husband’s home. The two had reportedly been separated for a lengthy period.
This publication had reported that the woman left for the Crane house but failed to return home which alarmed family members.
After one day elapsed and there were no signs of the missing woman, the Police were contacted and a search was launched.
The Police would have searched several properties of the businessman, Ryan Sugrim, but came up empty-handed. After intense interrogation, the businessman led detectives to an area where he buried the woman.
She had a single gunshot wound to her head and her body was burnt. He has since confessed to shooting the woman, dowsing her with gasoline and setting her on fire. After that, he reportedly dug a hole and buried her body.
It was reported that the couple has been married for the past fifteen years and the relationship was very abusive.
In March 2019, 20-year-old Omawattie Wazi called “Agile” of Lot 33 D Williamsburg, Rose Hall Town, Berbice was struck down by her husband after which she was stabbed and chopped to death by the said man. Wazi had moved to her mother’s Williamsburg, Rose Hall Town home after her husband of 14 months became abusive. (Kizzy Coleman)