…and sussing-out reaction
Now that the Court’s dealing with the injunction to prevent the RO from declaring his concocted Reg 4 results as “official”, your Eyewitness has noticed a curious feature in a wide swathe of columnists and commentators, who insist they’re not “partisan”. They’re the ones who regularly “virtue signal” their even-handedness by dancing between the raindrops – even as they tango with the PNC!! Like Fred Astaire!!
Not a single one of them has commented on the sordid drama that played out at the RO’s office, in front of the entire world, via the Observers’ Groups and the media. Nothing about the RO’s mysterious “illness” which prevented the tabulation of the SOPs in front of the designated stakeholders. Nothing about his remarkable recovery to yell his concocted “results” from the ramparts in the building. Nothing about the GECOM Chair being held incommunicado in a room of the same building and having to call her driver to get medical intervention. And rescue??
Nope, that was all of no consequence!! What they waxed lyrically about was the “riotous” behaviour of the PPP supporters!! Lacking the background described above about the naked grab for power by Granger, they make it seem as if those “PPP supporters” suddenly got a brain wave to riot!! And, of course, they now took the opportunity to virtue signal once again, as they pleaded unctuously for “peace and harmony”!! The stoning of the David G children’s school bus was rightfully excoriated – but silence descended on them when it came to the marauding mobs who ran through “PPP” villages creating havoc and terror. What they did do was complain that these worthies were being described as “thugs”!!
In politics, very few things are black and white – even in the US south!! But let’s call a spade a spade: what could be more clear-cut than the requirement in the law that the SOPs had to be counted in front of the parties’ agents, etc. Hell, wasn’t this what was done in the other nine Regions – even in the Pakaraimas of Region 7?!! So, this is where your Eyewitness is gonna draw a line – a “line of respect”. Anyone who claims that what unfolded in the Reg 4 counting is kosher will now be in his (black) book as a certified lowlife, locked in the primeval ooze of blind partisanship.
What is certain is that all the talk about “power sharing” from some quarters – including the ones above – are now off the books. We’ve jumped to a new plateau of polarisation that’ll guarantee the ethnic chasms widen.
Expect the PNC to expel their “moderates” – and certainly those from the AFC.
They’re all now seen as closet Charrandases!!

 …in the Courts
Granger claims to be following in his idol Burnham’s footprint. But even though Burnham rigged elections, turned loose thugs on his political opponents, killed a few of them, and such like, he was much more observant of the forms of the law – while he gutted the substance. Granger, on the other hand, is much more heavy-handed about legal forms.
Take the instant case on the Reg 4 RO’s abdication of his statutory responsibilities. His assertion is as clueless on the law as it was on the “33 not greater than 32” claim they took to the CCJ. Unlike Burnham back in the day, Granger ends up looking like he’s just “trying a thing”. Looks like he belongs to the WC Fields school of thought that believes if you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit!! And Granger, we know, is full of the latter!!
Like JOF Haynes did to Burnham when he overreached in the Timal case, Your Eyewitness believes Justice George’s gonna teach Granger a lesson.
Judicial judgements aren’t just “perceptions”!!

…on women
On “International Women’s Day”, your Eyewitness salute the women who played such a visible role in the just-completed elections campaign.
Looks like we’re gonna have more than 50 per cent female MPs on the PPP Government’s benches!!