Action and reaction …to the war

While Putin swears he ain’t launch no war, the effects are sure being felt across the world!! And we’re not even talking about all the students etc. being evacuated out of the Ukraine. Your Eyewitness never knew so many Indians were hitting the books in what he thought was an obscure country. But then they’re here, even in Guyana – and where’s more obscure that here? Most folks still think of “Ghana” in Africa when they hear about “Guyana”! They don’t know THEY were the “Gold” Coast while WE were the “Mosquito Coast”!!
But with Russia being such a big oil producer and exporter, Biden and the West’s sanctions on oil shipments are raising our profile another notch!! Users all over the world are salivating over our new “sweet and light” oil from under our Atlantic!! But while Guyana’s gonna be making out like bandits as oil prices shoot up towards the sky (US$200/barrel??) there’s gonna be a downside – higher gas prices at the pumps!! Granny did say, “Wha’ sweeten mout’ a hu’t backside!!” And with every Guyanese family having a car (or tractor or combine or ATV), it’ll be hurting OUR bamsies while the Government’s coffers swell!! Did you see where GPL’s bills are heading? That’s ‘cause they use all that heavy Bunker C!! And it’ll be years before Amaila gets on stream with cheap electricity. All because the PNC coalition just didn’t want Jagdeo to get “good name”!!
So, what to do?? Well, right off the bat, your Eyewitness recommends that the Government gives approval to those fellas who were beating down their doors to get permission for a small modular refinery to take care of our needs! While to us our usage might loom large – everything’s relative. In absolute terms, we just use about 14,000 barrels of oil equivalent daily. And from what your Eyewitness had read, the fellas were talking about double that capacity.
Right next door, Staatsolie, the Suriname oil company, has a refinery that produces 15,000 barrels daily – plus all the ancillary by-products. From what your Eyewitness heard, these modular plants are pretty much like Leggos that your kids use for their STEM projects, just on a larger scale!! All we gotta do is identify a site, put down that concrete foundation, and ship in those modules, and BINGO!! We’re producing gasoline for our own use!!
Now, your Eyewitness knows it ain’t gonna be as easy as that – there are all those “save the planet” freaks who’ll be having conniptions by now if they read this proposal!!
But hey!! Maybe they’re driving those fancy SUVs that gobble up so much gas? And putting a dent in their wallets??!

…in Opposition Camp
Your Eyewitness keeps on reading about the PPP Government not taking the Opposition seriously – and sharing some power with them. Well, right off the bat, shouldn’t the Opposition be taking themselves a bit more seriously? There’s the old saw about respect being earned and not demanded, no? Like Aretha Franklin crooned so long ago, “R-E-S-P-E-C-T” is a two-way street. The PPP must be thinking: “I get tired (just a little bit)/ Keep on tryin’ (just a little bit)/ You’re runnin’ out of foolin’ (just a little bit)/ And I ain’t lyin’”
How could anyone take seriously a political party that can’t even get their leader into Parliament to replace the old leader who resigned? Oops!! Sorry, he ain’t REALLY resigned!! It’s like those post-dated checks: they can’t be cashed till the date in front!! So, between Joe and Nicolette, they got Norton running around clueless like the Pink Panther!!
And who respects the Pink Panther. He’s for comic effect, no?

…on sugar
So, it’s been over six days since those 600 punts of cane were waiting to be processed at Uitvlugt. If they were, were there any sugar left in them to make it worthwhile?
Or should’ve they been dumped?