Addressing …“festering problems”??

Following the call to arms by those whom Burnham described as the “Worst Possible Alternative”, Burnham’s present successor in the party he founded has been desperately seeking to extricate his foot from his mouth. After a resoundingly deafening silence, when he followed the “caller to arms” on the (truck bed) platform, he now says the fella’s call to arms is protected free speech!! And imagine this fella’s been in politics for 50 years!! No wonder Hoyte threw him out of the party!!
Even in primary school, your Eyewitness was taught that while we all enjoy “freedom of speech” – like with ALL freedoms, there are limits!! For instance, your freedom to swing your arms ends at my nose!! You pass and hit my nose, you could be thrown into the clinker for ‘assault’!! With freedom of speech, one famous limit is popularly stated, ‘You can’t yell, “Fire!!” in a crowded theatre!!’ Makes sense, doesn’t it?? Can you imagine the pandemonium that would ensue?? Bodies crushed and bones broken in the mad scramble to the exits!!
Similarly, by asking the army and Police to support their plan to throw out the legally elected Government!! Jeez!! These are institutions of the state, and their duties are defined by the constitution!! They’re supposed to DEFEND law and order, not subvert it!! But ironically, they’re encouraging the same mindset they complain about when the armed forces personnel do their own thing against civilians!! They aren’t following their chain of command THEN, and they certainly won’t be following it when they listen to the Worst Possible Alternative!!
Anyhow, the PNC leader is further arguing that we must “understand” why the statements were made. So, what exactly are the gripes we should “understand”?? That the PPP rigged the elections even though practically every country in the world gave it a clean bill of health?? How much time are they gonna be wasting on this wild goose chase?? Wouldn’t their cause be better served if they started to get their target constituency better prepared to improve their lot in this new economy??
Jeez!! One of their soulmate organizations had been collecting $500 million every year since 2018 to assist that constituency. Couldn’t they have been doing some of that preparation, instead of continuously moaning “We wuz robbed”?! That would’ve also addressed another gripe – that the PPP is marginalising that constituency economically!! Point of the matter is we’re operating in a free market dispensation – ever since Hoyte signed on back in 1989.
Rather than having folks marching up and down in the hot sun – which probably makes them irritable, so they take out their frustrations on hapless folks in their way! – wouldn’t it be better to train them for jobs??  And resolve “festering”??

…Ways and Means
In American politics, the “separation of powers” isn’t just a slogan. For instance, while a lotta attention’s paid to the President – and he does have considerable powers – Congress have powers to ensure their views can’t be ignored. Take, for instance, the House “Ways and Means” Committee – the oldest in the House!! They’re the ones who make the final decision as to how money’s raised and spent (ways and means) in the States. And we all know that it’s money that makes the world go around!!
Well, the Chairman of that Committee and eight of his members flew over to our dear Mudland to have discussions with the Government, the Opposition, and all others who are involved in building this new economy on our oil revenues. But it’s not just seeking to get more business from their neck of the woods.
It’s also – and maybe more so – about keeping out those pesky Chinese who’ve got a jump on them and are now in pole position!! Get out the rum-and-coke, not lo mein!!

…free speech
Evidently, “free speech” ain’t so free in the Opposition camp!! Some Indo PNC members criticised some of the Worst Possible Alternative speakers, but were dubbed “slave catchers” by the latter worthies!! Free speech only free for some!!

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