AFC expels Charandass Persaud

…party recommits to APNU

Despite publicly announcing that he will resign from the party following his support for the No-confidence Motion against the A Partnership for National Unity/Alliance For Change (APNU/AFC) coalition Government, the AFC in an immediate act of retaliation on Saturday announced that it has taken the decision to expel Charandass Persaud.
The AFC said the decision was taken following a meeting of the Disciplinary Committee while adding that they have already initiated steps to have him recalled as an MP. Additionally, the AFC said it feels “betrayed and shocked” by the ‘yes’ vote, which ultimately led to the fall of the David Granger-led Administration.
After voting in favour of the No-confidence Motion, Persaud told the media that he took a “conscious” decision since the AFC has a subordinate role to the majority A Partnership for National Unity (APNU). Persaud cited examples, such as Public Health Minister Volda Lawrence’s recent controversial statement about hiring party faithfuls and pointed out that the AFC leadership did not condemn, but rather condoned the statement.
“I’m extremely disappointed in the AFC team. My reason for voting in favour of the motion is that I have no confidence in what the AFC team will do,” Persaud said, when questioned by the media.
Meanwhile, the AFC on Saturday said, “at no time did Mr Persaud express that he had lost confidence in the APNU/AFC coalition Government, its policies, programmes and vision. To the contrary, he gave his solemn commitment, on more than one occasion, that he will vote resoundingly against the motion.”
The statement added that all the while Persaud has been on board with the Government’s plans for development since he would have made an animated presentation during the 2019 National Budget Debates.
Additionally, the minority coalition partner said they have already begun to plan, prepare and mobilise for the impending General and Regional Elections.
“The AFC held an internal executive meeting today (Saturday) and will engage our supporters, our coalition partner A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) and the people of Guyana, on the way forward. The AFC assures its supporters and all Guyanese that it remains unwaveringly committed to the APNU/AFC coalition Government. The AFC reaffirms its commitment to the rule of law and reassures Guyanese that in this Yuletide season of peace and goodwill will prevail,” the party indicated.
Persaud became a parliamentarian following the May 2015 Regional and General Election but this is not the first time he has expressed his dissatisfaction with the AFC. The Berbician resigned from the Party in September 2013 but would later face the media and indicate that his resignation was non-existent.
The lawyer has since indicated that his vote was one of conscience since he is was tired of towing party lines. He left the country on Saturday morning after he had been openly threatened by his colleagues in Parliament.
On Friday, the APNU/AFC coalition Government fell when the No-confidence Motion brought by the Opposition People’s Progressive Party was passed in the National Assembly.
A total of 10 MPs debated the motion, but when the dust was settled, and a vote of division was called, Persaud’s vote changed the numbers to 33 in favour of the motion versus Government’s 32 votes against.