AFC should quit!

Dear Editor,
Quite recently the AFC has been in the news about their departure from the APNU as well as not taking part in the Local Government Elections (LGE). The thing about it is that the AFC started off its tenure as a viable third force and because of their greed for power went to bed with the APNU (combination of many parties where the majority is the PNC).
Firstly, it is quite sad to see that a party who wanted to remain steadfast behind the APNU during the partial political catastrophe which almost destroyed our democracy in Guyana would not be contesting the LGE, especially when they have mouth pieces in various regions who seem to have the answers for every little issue. Why are the leaders choosing to not partake, yet for all they will take to social media and bash the current PPP/C Administration?
Secondly, why only now the AFC is deciding to leave the APNU? Is it because their voices aren’t being heard? Are they running out of excuses? Are they tired of the racial rhetoric being spread by their counterpart or should I say past counterpart?
These are the things that the AFC must answer to their supporters, matter of fact the AFC should stop being a political party altogether, as they have not once made any viable contribution to this nation! It is impossible for people to trust such a party who wanted to support the stifling of democracy!
The AFC is quite dead and can never gain a sufficient support base on their own, the PPP/C will always have a support base and they continue to build on that by delivering on their manifesto promises.

Tanya Mohabir