Almost a year ago…

…PNC held us hostage
After the PPP was installed into office exactly five months after the March 2, 2020 elections – putting us into the Guinness Book of Records for the longest delay in declaring an election result – the Govt did promise us an inquiry into what exactly went down in that time. We’re still waiting since in the meantime, the PNC and its myrmidons are blithely creating a narrative about how “they wuz robbed”!! And still won’t release their SoPs of the voting they’d praised for being the most well-conducted!!
The country was in a nail-biting funk as we waited for Granger’s latest Hail Marys (do Anglicans offer Hail Marys?) to have the Courts sanction his blatant elections rigging by his GECOM insiders – who’re all before those same Courts today!! Payback’s a bitch, ain’t it? One Misenga Jones from Tucville – who’d have us believe she was just a disinterested citizen even though she was an APNU COUNTING AGENT!! –  had appealed Justice George’s decision that GECOM’s declaration must be based on the recount figures and not from Lowenfield’s concoctions. Jones insisted that the order for the recount – requested by Granger! – was unconstitutional!! There were two days more to go for the Appellate Court’s decision and tempers were getting frayed and the temperature was rising precipitously.
The Sanctimonious Gangster, of course, had kept shifting the goalposts ever since the morning of March 3. In this case, he’d first requested then committed –  to Caricom’s Chair Mia Mottley, no less! – that he’d accept the recount. He then switched to insisting that the recount be an “audit” that included all the fabricated and arbitrary “objections” of the PNC agents.  He then flipped to saying he’d accept the GECOM Chair declaration – whatever it might be. Then to saying he’d accept her “legal” declaration. He, of course, was the self-appointed arbiter of the Guyana Constitution. He’d once pronounced after a judgement by the Chief Justice that “she was entitled to her OPINION”, but so was he!!
Around this time last year also, past PNC strongman Hamilton Green – who’d opposed Desmond Hoyte’s acceptance of the 1992 elections – was trying to extricate his foot from his mouth. He’d advised that Granger “put aside the Constitution, put aside the laws” and keep on ruling!! Now he insisted, “it’s just a “lapsus linguae” (slip of the tongue)”!!! It was a slip all right…a Freudian slip, which revealed what was in his mind!! Today, we know that’s the reason Granger’s leadership is being challenged!! Finally, there was a raging debate about what would GECOM Chair Claudette Singh eventually do.
Over the five months, she’d developed a “hold me, loose me” attitude in executing her constitutional duties.
Nail-biting, all right!!

…the West stood tall
Your Eyewitness is aware of – and supports – -the realist principle in international affairs: “there are no permanent friends or permanent enemies – just permanent interests”. So he won’t  break a lance over claims that the West’s support for the democratic process after March 2nd served their interests. But why is the PNC assuming there can’t be instances where the West’s interests and “doing the right thing” coincide. And March 2 was one of them.
The PNC wants to have us forget what we all saw with our own eyes unfold at the Ashmins Building and later at GECOM HQ, where Mingo did the dirty with that stained bed sheet! (Your Eyewitness always wondered where he got that sheet! Maybe the Inquiry will look into this!?) This is the age of conspiracy theories, but isn’t the  PNC brigade clutching at straws for suggesting that 10,000 Lowenfield-hired employees conspired to allow the dead and migrated vote in such numbers as to vitiate the elections?
Gwan da side, PNC!

…some PNCites discovered democracy?
Did you notice, Dear Readers, that those challenging Granger leading their party  are using all the arguments the Opposition used to unseat him from the Presidency?
Maybe all isn’t lost for democracy from that side!!