Amo: – providing vital transportation for Mahaicony Creek residents for over 15 years

By Lakhram Bhagirat

When you are living in a riverine community, access to a boat is vital. However, in Guyana, owning a boat can be out of reach for a lot of people so that is where reliable boat operators come in.
If you are to venture to Mahaicony Creek in Region Five (Mahaica-Berbice), the general consensus is that Amo is the most reliable of boat operators in the Creek. He will get you in and out of the Creek at any time you wish – well that is if he is available since being the most reliable means he is currently on the job.
Amo’s legal name is Cabinath Deolall but very few people know him by that name so if you are ever going to Mahaicony Creek just ensure you ask for Amo.
The 41-year-old was born in the Creek and comes from very humble beginnings. His parents were humble people and always stressed the importance of hard work. He attended the Gordon Table Primary School but was unable to go beyond primary because of financial constraints.
So, he dropped out of school and then entered the world of work. He started working as a labourer with various persons. After doing that for some time, he moved to catching aquarium fishes to sell.
“We used to catch aquarium fish and sell right here. I work and save and after I find it hard to still work with people, I try to start do me own thing. I was working with a man name Bridgeanand and he had a 25 (horsepower engine) and me buy it,” he said.
He purchased his first boat 15 years ago and has upgraded at least 10 times. Now he has two boats, one which is operated by his wife.
The father of three also plants rice.
“I does plant rice too. I get about 100 acres. I doing this boat work for 15 years now and everybody know me. Them can call me any time in the day or night and I will come out and go for them to take them where they want to go. It nah matter the time, I does go out,” he said.
Amo does everything to ensure that the Creek is served with reliable transportation.